March 30

The first-instance trial of the Suburban People's Court of Sanya City, Hainan Province was held in public

Defendant Luo Changping is suspected of infringing on the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs and a case of civil public interest litigation incidental to the crime

Trial the case in accordance with the law once again issued a warning

The Internet is not a place outside the law

Everyone is responsible for their own words and deeds

The honor of heroic martyrs cannot be insulted or slandered

Otherwise, you will be punished by law

Thousands of heroes and martyrs used their lives to form a solid foundation for the Republic Building

Countless heroic souls cast the spiritual monument of the Chinese nation with their faith

Today we live in a time of peace

should understand more

We do not live in a peaceful world

but fortunate to live in a peaceful country

The world has never been safe from the sky

The years are quiet, that's because someone is carrying the burden for us

Inherit the heroic spirit

To stand up the national backbone

Remember the legacy of the martyrs

to a bright future

Defend the heroic glory

It is to protect our glorious history and noble beliefs


Individual numbers forget their ancestors

Slander heroes and slander heroes with ulterior motives

Challenging ethical and legal bottom lines

These people are trying to gain eyeballs and harvest traffic

Spreading historical nihilism in cyberspace

Distorting facts and slandering martyrs

While they are desecrating heroes

Misleading the public and poisoning young people

acted as an accomplice to the hostile forces

must be severely condemned and punished according to law

Fighting back against slander and slander requires legal weapons

To defend the glory of heroes, we must dare to take responsibility

The Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law clearly requires

"The whole society should respect, study and defend heroes and martyrs"

Criminal law criminalizes acts of insulting and defaming heroes and martyrs

This provides a legal weapon for defending the honor and honor of heroes

It reflects the firm will of the country to defend the heroes

Defend history and honor heroes

is the responsibility of the whole society

peaceful years

Don't need us to charge like heroes

But we need to be like guarding life

Guard the honor and honor of martyrs

In the face of distorting and denying heroic deeds, destroying heroic memorial facilities, insulting heroic portraits, etc.

We must not ignore it

But to stand up and dare to shine

not only severely condemned

More to take up legal weapons to fight

Resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of heroes and defend the glory of heroes

Jointly protect the spiritual fertile soil of the Chinese nation "advocating heroes and producing heroes in large numbers"

Author: Yin Jian, website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission