At the end of her distinguished career in the service of the law, a Swedish Supreme Court judge has been convicted of shoplifting a Christmas ham and meatballs, prosecutors said on Thursday.

Caught in the bag in a store in central Stockholm shortly before the end of the year holidays, the 67-year-old magistrate was sentenced to a fine of 50,000 crowns (about 4,800 euros), explained to AFP Per Nichols, the prosecutor in charge of the case.

Twenty years on the Supreme Court

The judge resigned from her post in February – when the first press articles mentioned the investigation – after a long career as a magistrate, including two decades at the Supreme Court of the kingdom where they are only 16 to sit.

In addition to a Christmas ham and meatballs (a traditional Swedish New Year's Eve dish), she had hidden sausages and cheese in a woven shopping bag by covering them with another bag, according to the Swedish specialist newspaper

Dagens Juridik


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