Did Valérie Pécresse draw the crowds?

Unfortunately for the president of the Ile-de-France region, we are not talking about a presidential campaign here, but about Covid-19 infections, she who recently tested positive.

Anyway, according to data published by Public Health France (SPF), the number of positive cases continues to climb in Ile-de-France.

They went from 50,998 in week 10 (March 7 to 13) to 151,316 in week 12 (March 21 to 27).

A big increase.

"In S12, the regional crude incidence rate was 1,232 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (vs. 692 p. 100,000 in S11) and increased for the third time after 8 consecutive weeks of decline", notes this Friday Public Health France in its weekly epidemiological update.

Likewise “the positivity rate increased for the fourth consecutive week to reach 24.2%”.

And above all, this epidemic rebound spares no one since these "indicators were generally on the rise in all the Ile-de-France departments and in all age groups".

For SPF, this increase is explained by "a context of the lifting of restrictions, gatherings during the election period, still incomplete vaccination coverage - especially among children and the elderly - and the high contagiousness of the Omicron variant,

The number of deaths could rise

In terms of hospitalizations, while the trend is experiencing a moderate increase from 732 new hospitalizations in S10 to 1,013 in S12, the number of deaths is down from 95 to 54 over the same period.

But beware, warns SPF, “if hospital deaths linked to Covid-19 continued to decrease (-5%) for the 8th consecutive week, this downward trend would slow down in H12, and could be reversed in the weeks to come due to the increase in the two other indicators and the time lag usually observed between hospitalization and death”.

Our file on the coronavirus

Finally, in terms of vaccination, it's dead calm.

Thus SPF notes “vaccination coverage of all ages with at least 1 dose at 76.2% (vs. 76.2% in W11), at 75.3% for the complete regimen (vs. 75.3% in W11) and 53.7% for the booster dose (vs. 53.6% in S11)”.

Suffice to say that it varies very little.

Even though “faced with the high viral circulation and again on the rise, the vaccination of all eligible people remains essential and must be associated with a high level of adherence to other preventive measures”.

We don't really take the path.


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