The communist Fabien Roussel proposes a program "happy days" in favor of employment and purchasing power, but also the break with the European treaties.

Refusing "a France that promises austerity, savings", he affirmed his difference vis-à-vis the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in particular on nuclear power, which he defends, secularism and security.

purchasing power

Among his proposals, Fabien Roussel wants to set the minimum wage at 1,500 euros net and increase civil service salaries by 30%.

He wants to make equal pay effective in "six months in the public services and a year in the private sector" and move to 32 hours per week.

The communist candidate also calls for a moratorium on social plans and dismissal in progress.

Fabien Roussel pleads for a return to retirement at age 60, with full pension, and for a minimum pension for retirees at 1,200 euros net.

For the most precarious, he wishes to prohibit seizures and evictions, as well as water and energy cuts.

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Fabien Roussel wants to make education the "great national cause", with in particular 90,000 recruitments to reduce the number of students per class, homework at school and not at home, 10 billion euros invested for a balanced meal at one euro in school canteens and the abolition of Parcoursup.

He also wants the construction of four new universities, a student income of at least 850 euros per month, minimum wage at the minimum wage for work-study students and the opening of the RSA to those under 25 years old.

On the subject of youth precisely, the communist representative wants to set up paid qualifying training for each young person away from employment.

He pleads for free driving licenses and urban public transport and TER for those under 25.


For Fabien Roussel, it is important to move to “a new development model”.

For this, he is ready to launch a 140 billion plan for employment and the climate.

He imagines an energy mix with massive investments in renewable energies and nuclear power, for a "carbon-free France in 2050".

In addition, the candidate wants to block relocations, reopen the small SNCF lines, make urban public transport free and build 200,000 social housing units per year.

It envisages the energy renovation of 700,000 homes per year and the reduction of taxes on electricity and gas.

Finally, he wants a law on orientation and agricultural programming for “remunerative prices for peasant labour”.


On the health side, Fabien Roussel provides for the creation of 100,000 jobs in the public hospital and 12,000 places for medical students per year, the repeal of the "public hospital liberalization laws" and the elimination of overruns of honorarium.

The communist wants to create a public center for the production and distribution of medicine.

Regarding medical deserts, according to him, it is necessary to guide the installation of doctors in rural areas and in dense urban areas and to ensure that a local public hospital is found less than 30 minutes from each living area.

For seniors, Fabien Roussel wants 300,000 jobs in nursing homes in three years and 100,000 home helpers.

He would like to create a public service for old age.


On the security level, Fabien Roussel promises to recruit 30,000 police officers and to reorganize the organization of the police.

In the event of victory on April 24, he would double the justice budget over five years and invest one billion euros against sexist and sexual violence.


Fabien Roussel plans to abolish bone tests for unaccompanied minors and to regularize active undocumented workers.

On election night, find all the results of the 2022 presidential election here.

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Presidential 2022: Fabien Roussel wants 30,000 more police officers and double the Justice budget

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