Current political micro-records丨Ten years-Xi Jinping has always been hands-on in planting trees

  On March 30, 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the tree-planting site in Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing, to shovel and shovel soil, build cofferdams, and irrigate with the masses... Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the General Secretary has continuously 10 years to participate in the capital's voluntary tree planting activities with the masses.

  People gather firewood, the flames are high, and people plant trees and trees become forests

  Each of us is a shader, but more importantly, a tree planter

  Year after year, generation after generation

  Roll up your sleeves and work hard!

  Producer丨Shen Yong Feng Xuhong

  Planning|Wang Pengfei

  Choreographer|Lu Xinyu Zhao Hua

  Camera | Headquarters Current Affairs Camera Team

  Dubbing|Peng Kun

  Clip|Justin Xin