China News Service, Fuzhou, March 30 (Reporter Liu Kegeng) Fujian Buddhist College revealed on the 30th that recently, the book "Cross-Strait Cihang" written by Master Benxing, the dean of Fujian Buddhist College and the abbot of Kaiyuan Temple in Fuzhou and Guanghua Temple in Putian, was published in Taiwan. Released in traditional Chinese.

  The book has a total of about 80,000 words and 65 pictures. The writing style is like a legend, prose, commentary, or a philosophical monograph that inspires the soul.

The book is published by Taiwan Shangqu Zhiye and distributed by Taiwan Red Ant Books.

  According to reports, the content of the book "Cross-Strait Cihang" is based on the legend of the life of Zen Master Cihang, a patriotic eminent monk from Fujian. Xi Zhi's ups and downs, especially in the text, focus on the description of Zen Master Ci Hang's propaganda at home and abroad to fight against Japan and save the country, revive Chinese Buddhist traditions in Taiwan, miss his hometown, love his ancestral home, protect the mainland to study monks in Taiwan, establish Taiwan Buddhist Academy, and promote human Buddhism throughout his life. Career, and after his death, his body was not broken, and he became the first eminent monk in Taiwan to die in the body.

  The author of the book "Cross-Strait Cihang", Master Benxing, is the revivalist of Zen Master Cihang's ordained monastery in Taining Qingyun Temple, and he is also the only successor of Zen Master Cihang in mainland China.

In 2007, Master Benxing initiated and organized a large-scale event to return the avatar of Zen Master Cihang to Taining, Fujian from Xizhi, Taiwan.

After several years of deciphering "The Complete Works of Chan Master Cihang", he wrote the book "Cross-strait Cihang", which is intended to inherit and promote Chan Master Cihang's patriotism, compassion, love for peace, love for youth, selflessness, fearlessness and fearlessness. , and to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Master Cihang's avatar's return from Taiwan to the Ancestral Court of Fujian.

  Before that, Venerable Benxing has published 10 Zen monographs in Taiwan, of which 6 were first released at Eslite Bookstore in Taipei.