The defendant in the trial for the "NSU 2.0" series of threatening letters lived very secluded in a one-room apartment in his place of residence in Berlin.

At least two of his neighbors in the apartment building were afraid of the 54-year-old, according to the interrogation protocols read in the Frankfurt district court on Thursday.

One of the women described the man as "manipulative", another said he had badly insulted him.

Alexander M. was always alone, there was no talk of parties in his apartment.

The man had told the police that there were often many people with him, for example at celebrations.

M. was arrested in his apartment on May 3, 2021, and the officers saw a chaotic picture during the search.

A policewoman reported in the court, among other things, about a dead mouse, a lot of garbage and a smelly bathroom.

In addition to computers, laptops and data carriers, the officers found Nazi literature and weapons such as machetes, batons, sabers and electric shock guns in the apartment.

The defendant, who loudly mocked the fact that photos from his apartment were shown at the trial, said that these weapons were legal.

"I'm supposed to be dragged through the mud," he said.

Police officers had changed the objects in his apartment.

The Berliner denies the allegations of the prosecution.

The public prosecutor accuses him, among other things, of insults in 67 cases, attempted coercion and threats.

It is also about public incitement to commit crimes, incitement to hatred, possession of child and youth pornography and a violation of the Weapons Act.

The series of threatening letters began in August 2018 with threats against the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz and her family.

The letters were signed "NSU 2.0" in reference to the right-wing extremist terrorist cell National Socialist Underground (NSU).

Among the addressees were also celebrities such as TV presenter Jan Böhmermann, who has already testified as a witness.

Women were particularly often affected and exposed to severe insults and threats,