China News Agency, Beijing, March 30th (Ma Shuaisha Li Yanming) At 10:29 on March 30th, China successfully launched the balance with the Long March 11 carrier rocket (hereinafter referred to as the Chang 11 rocket) at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. No. 2 A, B, C satellites.

The Chang-11 rocket successfully launched its first space launch in 2022.

At present, the Chang-11 rocket has completed 10 land launches and 2 sea launch missions, creating a 12-game winning streak.

  Gao Yunyi, chief designer of the Long March 11 launch vehicle of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said that the rocket has the characteristics of "two new" in new state and mode, new base and capability.

China successfully launched Tianping-2 A, B and C satellites Photo by Wang Jiangbo

  It is reported that the rocket of the present invention has carried out a number of technical improvements represented by the first-stage replacement of the new servo mechanism, which improves the test coverage and maintainability of the rocket, and makes the launch operation simpler.

The state of the rockets in different orbits and launch sites is more uniform, and the level of productization is higher.

Through larger-scale batch production, it can quickly respond to customer launch needs and shorten the contract performance time to 6 months at the earliest.

In addition to the launch plan that has been determined this year, some rocket bodies have been arranged to be put into production ahead of schedule.

  In addition, this mission is the first time that the new launch mode of the Chang-11 rocket has been unveiled at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Spend.

  This rocket is the first carrier rocket shipped from the solid rocket assembly plant of Shandong Haiyang Dongfang Space Port.

Previously, two Chang 11 rockets have been assembled and tested in the temporary workshop of Haiyang Dongfang Space Port. This rocket was assembled and tested in the new solid rocket assembly workshop.

  At present, the first phase of the solid rocket Haiyang Industrial Base has been officially put into operation, and will have the ability to produce 10 solid launch vehicles per year.

In the follow-up, the Chang-11 rocket and the Jielong-3 solid carrier rocket, which is scheduled to complete its maiden flight this year, will be shipped from here.

  It is understood that this year, the Chang-11 rocket also plans to perform multiple launch missions from inland launch sites and sea launch points, setting a new record for the number of launches per year.

In the follow-up, the test team will further stabilize the state of batch production technology, form a rolling production model with rapid response and rapid performance, and start to develop a standardized star-rocket interface for rapid launch satellites, so as to improve the mission adaptability of the rocket, so as to realize the rapid integration of star and arrow, Quick launch.

  The satellite launched this time mainly provides services such as atmospheric space environment measurement and orbit forecast model correction.

This mission is the 413th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets.