Is the wave of executions in Saudi Arabia emulated?

For the first time since 2019, Singapore has hanged a death row inmate.

The first of a long series, NGOs fighting against capital punishment fear.

Abdul Kahar Othman, a Singaporean man sentenced to death in 2015 for drug trafficking, was executed on Wednesday morning, according to a local anti-death penalty activist.

"Rest in peace," tweeted activist Kirsten Han, "we should all be ashamed of what the state did in our name today."

In 2019, four people were hanged, according to the prison administration.

Singaporean authorities have not responded to requests for confirmation, while the body of Abdul Kahar Othman is expected at the city's Muslim cemetery.

The socially conservative country has some of the most repressive drug laws in the world.

More and more rights groups are calling on him to drop the death penalty, and the UN has also called for clemency in the case.

Four other people could be executed

Singapore authorities, however, insist that the death penalty remains an effective deterrent to drug trafficking and has helped make Singapore one of the safest places in Asia.

According to the Transformative Justice Collective, a Singaporean group that campaigns against the death penalty, Abdul Kahar, 68, was convicted of heroin trafficking in 2013 and sentenced to death two years later.

“We are concerned about the upsurge in execution notices this year,” tweeted the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam, a mentally disabled Malaysian convicted of heroin trafficking, could be hanged in the coming days after his appeal was dismissed on Tuesday.

In addition, three other death row prisoners saw their appeals rejected in early March.


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