It was in August 2020 that the incident occurred in a parking lot in Västerås.

The woman who is now convicted ended up in a fight with several people and swung a machete-like knife at several people.

In one of the cases, the knife was when another woman's neck and the district court judge that the 25-year-old swung the knife with intent. 

In addition to swinging the knife at several people, she has also scratched cars and punctured tires.  

The woman is now convicted of, among other things, assault, attempted aggravated assault and harassment.

The penalty will be one year in prison and she will also pay damages of SEK 20,000 to the woman who had the knife swung towards her neck. 

The 25-year-old has also been convicted earlier in the district court for assault.

A machete was found on a bicycle rack roof in central Västerås.

Photo: From the police preliminary investigation