Today we can claim that millions own mobile phones, which have become an extension of our arms, and this makes us place these devices in places very close to our bodies, which means exposure to health risks to varying degrees.

Cell phones and their dangers

Mobile phones emit harmful radiation by sending and receiving a type of radiation called EMF, or electromagnetic radiation. Your phone is not just a source of this radiation, but in fact it is several sources, such as the Internet, wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS global positioning.

All of the above are different sources of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your phone when it is turned on.

This prompted the California Department of Public Health, according to Sheild your body, to warn people not to sleep next to their phones, in its first-ever guidelines for the use of cell phones.

Don't put your phone in these places

  • front pocket

Men, usually, do not carry handbags for their phones, so the only place to carry them is in their pockets, especially front pockets, but this can cause male health problems, due to electromagnetic radiation.

A recent study also revealed an association between exposure to mobile phone radiation, the level of DNA fragmentation, and decreased sperm motility.

  • under the pillow

Some set the alarm feature on the phone, and then put it under the pillow, but this is very dangerous as your head is exposed to electromagnetic radiation during sleeping hours, and with time you will have frequent headaches and constant nausea.

Another darker scenario is the heat emission from the phone under the pillow, and with no heat leakage due to the pressure of the pillow the phone may explode.

  • near children

Some mothers put the phone in the stroller, and this exposes them to electromagnetic waves, which can lead to behavioral problems in the preschool age.

In addition to the above, a study revealed that cell phone use was associated with behavioral problems for 7-year-olds.

Study: Cell phone use was linked to behavioral problems in 7-year-olds (Getty Images)

  • Baths

Cell phones are the new newspaper, and going to the toilet or bathroom without them feels like a trip to prison, except that this will settling bacteria on the surface of the phone, and germs in the air can come in contact with your phone.

  • pants pockets

The results of a study indicated that bone density may be negatively affected by electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, which means exposure to osteoporosis, especially in young adults.

  • skin

When the phone is placed on the face, there is a high possibility of bacteria and viruses transferring from the phone to the skin, which means the emergence of skin problems such as acne.

This does not mean not to talk on the phone, but there should be a distance of at least 1.5 centimeters between the face and the phone, and if there is a need for the phone to touch the skin, care should be taken to clean it with antibacterial wet wipes.

When placing the phone on the face, there is a high probability of transmission of bacteria and viruses to the skin (Pixabi)

  • Charging the phone on the bed

Put your phone on the floor away from you during sleeping hours, especially when the phone is charging, as for 6-9 hours of your life you are exposed to unnecessary radiation from the phone.

Pew Research reports that about 90% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 sleep with their phones on their bed or right next to them.

90% of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 sleep with their phones on their bed or next to them (German)

blue light

It is a type of light that mimics daylight, and almost all digital screens emit a great deal of blue light, so when we look at all device screens at night we are fooling our bodies that they are daylight hours.

Studies have shown that this type of light disrupts our circadian rhythms, is linked to melatonin levels, which regulates the circadian rhythm, and contributes to increased insomnia.

How to avoid phone radiation while sleeping?

  • Stop using electronics 1-2 hours before bed. This helps you feel calm and prepares you for a deep night's sleep.

  • Put your phone in another room while you sleep, for example, you can plug your phone in to charge it in the kitchen all night.

  • If you rely on your phone as an alarm clock, it's easy to replace it with an old one.

Stop using electronics 1-2 hours before bed to avoid insomnia (German)

How to protect yourself from the harmful radiation of the phone?

These tips will help you know how to handle your phone in a safe manner, if you want to keep it in the room while you sleep.

  • Turn your phone into flight mode, this will almost completely eliminate harmful electromagnetic radiation emissions from the phone.

  • Keep the phone at least 4-6 feet away from your body.

  • Turn your phone into night mode, this changes the screen color to dramatically reduce blue light emissions from your phone.

  • Do not use your phones to make or receive calls when the battery is very low, the radiation emitted by the phone is higher at this time, and use it only when the battery is full.