Ahead of Friday and Saturday, SMHI issued yellow weather warnings, but the weather does not seem to give way during the weekend's remaining day.

SMHI has issued an orange weather warning (formerly called class 2) for the Jämtland mountains on Sunday and Monday.

The warning applies to strong winds combined with heavy snowfall.

This means, among other things, that rescue efforts in the mountain environment are made more difficult and that people are strongly advised against going out into the mountains.

There is also a high risk of freezing.

"More winter-like weather"

SVT's meteorologist Nils Holmqvist says that a couple of low pressures will pass over northern Sweden during the weekend, which will bring snow and wind.

- It will be much more winter-like weather, he says.

In the video above, Nils Holmqvist tells more about the waiting weather in several parts of the country.