On March 21, China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 lost contact and crashed over Wuzhou City, Guangxi during the Kunming-Guangzhou mission.

After the accident, the majority of netizens paid close attention to the rescue progress and the investigation of the cause of the accident.

However, individual netizens used this to spread online rumors, causing bad influence.

  The Cyberspace Administration of the People's Republic of China instructed a number of website platforms to trace the source of rumors about MU5735 spread on the Internet.

After investigation, the first situation of online rumors related to each website platform is as follows:

1. Internet rumors about "video of a mountain fire caused by a passenger plane of China Eastern Airlines"

  Douyin's starting account is "Metaverse", and the starting time is 16:24 on March 21.

2. Internet rumors about the "first-view image of the crash of MU5735"

  The first account of Douyin is "A Huo 123", and the first launch time is 17:23 on March 21.

3. Online rumors about "China Eastern Airlines' huge loss of tens of billions to reduce aircraft maintenance costs"

  The first WeChat account is "Yidian Caiwen", and the first launch time is 16:39 on March 21.

4. Internet rumors about "7 directors of a company were on the crashed plane"

  The first account of Kuaishou is "Walking with you py", and the first launch time is 22:4 on March 21.

5. Internet rumors about "'God prophesied' a plane crash at the end of March"

  The first account of Douyin is "Jason", and the first time is 17:44 on March 21.

6. Online rumors about "Yang Liping's agent is 'the only passenger who did not board the plane'"

  The first account of Kuaishou is "Taiyuan Radio and TV Station Comprehensive Broadcast", and the first release time is 18:12 on March 21.

7. Internet rumors about the "cause of the crash"

  The first account of Sina Weibo is "Fa Cai Lao Dr.", and the first posting time is 19:31 on March 21.

  The above online rumors have been cleaned up in time, and the first account has been closed and banned by the relevant website platform in accordance with the law.

  In addition, websites and platforms such as Tencent, Sina Weibo, ByteDance, Kuaishou, Baidu, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu, etc., have violated laws and regulations such as spreading rumors, spreading conspiracy theories, and ridiculing disasters by taking advantage of the crash of China Eastern Airlines passenger plane. Information and accounts are dealt with promptly and strictly.

Up to now, a total of more than 279,000 pieces of illegal information have been cleared, including more than 167,000 pieces of rumor information, 2,713 accounts have been disposed of, and 1,295 topics have been dismissed.

  In the next step, the Cyberspace Administration of China will continue to supervise the website platform, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of information content management, deal with relevant illegal information and accounts in a timely manner, guide netizens to speak objectively and rationally, and jointly create a clear cyberspace.