What prediction did the director of "Moderna" make about the new strains of Corona?

Have Corona injuries increased during the past days?

And what about deaths?

What are the latest developments in Corona treatments?

The answers are in this report.

We start with the CEO of the American company Moderna Pharmaceutical Industries, Stefan Bancel, who said that one out of every 5 new mutations from the emerging Corona virus, Covid-19, will be more dangerous than the current ones, that is, by 20%, according to a statement to Bloomberg News Agency yesterday. Thursday, it was reported by the German news agency.

The most likely scenario is that vulnerable people, such as the elderly and the immunocompromised, will need annual booster shots to protect against mutated strains of the virus that are similar in virulence to the highly contagious and rapidly spreading Omicron strain, Bloomberg quoted Bancel as saying.

mRNA vaccines

Bancel's comments came on the same day that Moderna revealed in detail its research and progress in the manufacturing and packaging of mRNA-based mRNA vaccines.

Moderna is reassuring investors about the longest-term immunity to its vaccines, at a time when the Omicron BA2 sub-mutant continues to spread, which has led to concerns about the re-emergence of new strains of the virus with a high capacity to infect and infect. ill.

Have Corona injuries increased during the past days?

The answer is yes, as the number of daily cases of Covid-19 in the world increased during the week by 12%, to reach 1.8 million cases, after the spread of the epidemic increased in the previous week, according to a count by Agence France-Presse until yesterday Thursday.

Western European countries are recording an increase in infections, including France, where the rate of cases increased by 35%, while it increased in Italy and Britain by 42% each.

In Asia, several countries recorded record numbers of injuries, including South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

However, the situation continues to improve significantly in Africa, where the number of injuries decreased by 56 percent.

In the Middle East, the number of infections decreased by 26%, while it decreased by a fifth in Latin America-Caribbean, and in the United States-Canada region it decreased by 12%.

What about corona deaths?

The number of Covid deaths continued to decline and fell at a rate of 20% to approximately 5,401 deaths per day.

The decline was reflected in all regions of the world, according to Agence France-Presse.

The European Medicines Agency recommends the use of AstraZeneca to prevent Covid-19

On Thursday, the European Medicines Agency recommended the use of the antibody drug Evusheld, produced by AstraZeneca, to prevent infection with Covid-19, at a time when the region faces an increase in infections and a stagnation in adult vaccinations.

The agency said the drug should be used by adults and children over 12 years old who have not been exposed to the virus.

By comparison, other antibody drugs from companies such as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Company and GlaxoSmithKline have already been approved to treat COVID-19 patients.

antibody drug

The antibody drug Regeneron has also been approved in Europe to prevent COVID-19 infection as well.

AstraZeneca's Covid drug can be used to protect people whose immune systems are too weak to respond to vaccines, helping to reduce the burden of the pandemic on health care systems.

Evoshield contains lab-made antibodies that are designed to stay in the body for months to contain the virus in case it becomes infected, while vaccines rely on a healthy immune system to develop targeted antibodies and infection-fighting cells.