The destruction of 9 Houthi marches in southern Saudi Arabia, and the "Yemeni legitimacy" regains sites in Ma'rib

Today, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced the interception and destruction of 9 booby-trapped drones launched by the terrorist Houthi militia towards the southern region of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Press Agency, "SPA", quoted the coalition as saying that the hostile attempts deliberately targeted civilian objects and energy facilities, noting that the continuation of Houthi hostilities threatens regional and international security.

The coalition explained that the Houthi militias are seeking to thwart the Yemeni consultations that will be held in Riyadh at a Gulf invitation, noting that the coalition supports the Gulf and international position for the success of the Yemeni consultations.

In the field, the Yemeni legitimate forces, backed by tribes, managed to regain the leadership of the fighting initiative on the fronts south of Marib, days after the Houthi terrorist militia took control of the theater of operations, before coalition fighters intervened at dawn today, Friday, to prevent an attempt to storm the first line of defenses of the city of Ma'rib from the southern side. .

Field sources confirmed that the intervention of the coalition fighters and the deterrence forces of the Happy Yemen Brigades forces, trained by the Arab coalition, thwarted the militias’ advance towards the city of Ma’rib through the Balaj and Al-Lajma regions adjacent to the Balk Mountains in the southern axis, and enabled the forces to fully restore the sites of the martyr, Tabbat al-Faya, and al-Akd. , in the Eastern Balkan front.

The militias had expanded their combat operations in the vicinity of Ma'rib across the southern and northwestern fronts, before the army and tribesmen were able to regain the combat initiative and launch counterattacks during the past few hours that led to the restoration of positions they had lost in the southern sandy axis.

And field sources reported that the battles between the two sides intensified on the southern fronts of Marib, after the participation of the deterrence forces of the legitimacy in the battles during the past hours, which turned the scales in favor of the legitimacy, after it was in favor of the militias during the past two days, which tried in various ways to advance and penetrate the positions towards the city of Marib, the center. Governorate.

She pointed out that the deterrence forces of the Happy Yemen Brigades fought their first battles against the militias in the eastern Baluk, and inflicted heavy losses on them among their elements, including prominent leaders, including the commander of the last attack in the eastern al-Juba axis, the prominent Houthi leader Abu Harb al-Imad, as well as other families, as well as a weapons booty. Including a Houthi drone.

The sources reported that the army and tribes are fighting valiant battles against the Houthis, who have mobilized their fighters to the Marib fronts with the aim of bringing them down and reaching the oil and gas sources in Safer, confirming the failure of all Houthi combat plans on the Marib fronts.

The army and tribes forces had thwarted a Houthi attack in Mehzam Mas, Mudaghl District, northwest of Marib, through which the militias tried to restore the liberated areas in the district and tighten the noose around the al-Kasara and al-Mashajah fronts in Serwah to the west.

Al-Houthi’s attack on the Maas belt coincided with sending combat reinforcements to the Serwah district, west of Ma’rib, in preparation for launching attacks towards Al-Mashjah and Al-Kasara, after it failed to penetrate the southern fronts of the city of Ma’rib.

On the other hand, the militias transferred 200 prisoners of serious crimes from prisons under their control, to participate in the fighting with them on the Marib fronts.

While military sources confirmed the existence of coordination between the forces of the Happy Yemen Brigades and formations from the priority of the giants, and the National Resistance, to start a large military operation towards the province of Al-Bayda, to secure the oil-rich Marib and Shabwa, informed sources reported that the Houthi militias withdrew many of their elements from Al-Jawf, Saada, the coast and Juba, south of Marib. towards Al-Bayda Governorate.

And local sources in Al-Bayda reported that the Houthi elements, backed by combat equipment, including tanks and Katyusha rocket launchers, arrived in the Al-Sawadiya and Al-Wahbeya districts in Al-Bayda, in anticipation of a military operation expected by the legitimacy towards Al-Bayda from several axes.

And Yemeni military sources reported that six military brigades of the legitimacy, in coordination with the coalition, were equipped to start a large-scale military operation against the Houthis in Al-Bayda if the militias continued their combat escalation and thwarted recent peace calls.

On the other hand, coalition fighters targeted Houthi movements in the districts of Baqim and Al-Zahir in Saada, and others towards the Bani Hassan area in the Abs district of Hajjah governorate.

In Taiz, the Houthi militia bombed with heavy artillery villages in the vicinity of Jabal Jarrah, west of the city of Taiz, and also bombed the Wadi al-Qadi neighborhood north of the city, causing damage to homes and private property.

In Sanaa, Houthi militia members stormed the Shamlan Water Bottling Factory, one of the oldest and largest water factories in Yemen, located in the Shamlan district of Hamdan District, north of the capital, after the factory management refused to pay royalties under the name of “supporting the war effort” to the Houthis, which led to its storming and the expulsion of the workers. and close it.

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