This Monday, twenty tornadoes destroyed everything in their path in Texas (United States).

However, no deaths have been reported.

This couple living in Round Rock could have passed but found a very effective way to protect themselves, reports 



In this town located 32 km from Austin, a tornado devastated everything in its path, cutting the couple's house and garden shed in two.

But the two Americans had previously taken refuge in their bathtub and came out unscathed after the tornado hit.

Their testimony has already garnered more than 12,000 views on Twitter.

'WE HID IN THE BATHTUB': A couple describe their experience surviving a tornado that destroyed their Texas home.

— ABC News (@ABC) March 24, 2022

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One death only in Louisiana

"We hid in the tub because native Texans like us know the plumbing is buried deep," the couple told 

ABC News


“It's better to hide in the bathtub or in a closet, but our closets are made of plywood.


In Texas, only four injuries were recorded.

Governor Greg Abbott described the absence of death in his state as a "miracle" despite the very significant material damage.

The next day, the tornadoes reached Louisiana where a 73-year-old woman unfortunately died.

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