China News Agency, Beijing, March 24. According to Chinese official media reports on the 24th, the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew will enter the preparation stage for return next week.

Up to now, the three astronauts have been working and living in orbit for more than five months and plan to return to the ground in mid-April. Now they have entered the countdown to "going home".

  Zhong Weiwei, an associate researcher at the General Office of Aerospace Medicine Engineering of the China Astronaut Research and Training Center, said that before the three astronauts return to the ground, there are a lot of materials that need to be sorted out, including the cargo packages and various products on the Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft.

The Shenzhou 14 flight crew may arrive at the Chinese space station at intervals of more than a month, so it is necessary to put the product equipment in place in advance.

In addition, the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew will also bring important samples back to the ground, which also need to be planned in advance.

This will be the focus of work from next week.

  According to reports, the current physical and psychological conditions of the three astronauts in the Shenzhou 13 crew are better than expected, meeting the requirements for returning to the ground. The astronauts will perform physical strengthening exercises after work.

  Zhong Weiwei said that the ground researchers focused on strengthening the astronauts' on-orbit exercise and medical examinations.

Based on the on-orbit physical examination of the three astronauts and the data obtained, ground researchers made targeted adjustments to the astronauts' protection plan before returning.

At this stage, the focus is on ensuring that the astronauts are physically exercised to ensure the final safe return and safe landing.

  The flight crew of Shenzhou 13 successfully completed the second lesson of "Tiangong Classroom".

As China's astronaut crew with the longest time in orbit, the three astronauts carried out two out-of-vehicle activities, two "Tiangong Classroom" teaching activities and "New Year's Day Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Tiangong Dialogue" activities, etc. Based on the work of the Shenzhou 12 flight crew, more than 20 scientific experiments have been completed.