Nicaragua's Ambassador to the OAS calls the Ortega government a "dictatorship"

Nicaragua chaired Daniel Ortega, re-elected in a disputed ballot, has been called a “dictatorship” by the country's OAS ambassador.

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The Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) described Wednesday March 23 as a “


” the government of President Daniel Ortega, who immediately announced his dismissal.


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 To denounce the dictatorship of my country is not easy, but to continue to remain silent and to defend the indefensible is impossible

 ", launched Arturo McFields in this surprise announcement live before the Permanent Council of the OAS.

In Nicaragua, "

 there are no independent political parties, there are no credible elections, no separation of powers

 ", he added by video link, saying that he was speaking in particular "

 in name of the more than 177 political prisoners 

" and "

 of the more than 350 people who have lost their lives 

" in his country since 2018. "

 I must speak [...] although I am afraid

 ", he still said.

Managua responded by announcing the immediate dismissal of Mr. McFields.

The government, “

 through the Foreign Office, informs our people and all concerned that Mr. Arturo McFields does not represent us and that none of his statements are valid

 ,” an official statement read.

According to Managua, Ambassador Francisco Campbell Hooker, current Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United States, is "

 duly accredited

 " as the Central American country's representative to the OAS.



" hailed at the OAS and in the opposition

Ambassador McFields presented his credentials on November 5, 2021 to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro.

The latter praised the "


" of Arturo McFields in a tweet: "

 this is the ethically correct position 

", he wrote.

United States Representative Bradley Freden also applauded in a tweet his "


" for this speech "

 denouncing the human rights record of the dictatorship

 " by Daniel Ortega.

Valoramos el coraje del Embajador de #Nicaragua Arturo McFields Yescas y su compromiso con los valores de a @OEA_oficial.

This is the ethically correct position.

— Luis Almagro (@Almagro_OEA2015) March 23, 2022

The opposition coalition Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco hailed "

 the courageous conduct 

" of Arturo McFields and considered that his statements demonstrate that the "

 dictatorship is weak 


The re-election in November of Daniel Ortega for a fourth term is not recognized by most of the international community, in particular by the OAS, the United States and the European Union.

Seven opposition candidates and 39 other opponents were arrested in the months preceding the election.

About thirty have already been tried, including his

main opponent Cristiana Chamorro

, sentenced Monday to eight years in prison for "

 money laundering 

" and "



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