Louise Sallé, edited by Solène Leroux 6:55 a.m., March 24, 2022

It is undoubtedly partly in the virtual universe of the metaverse that tomorrow's business world will evolve.

Banking adviser in crypto currencies, seller of "NFT" works of art, designer of augmented reality: these new professions are about to be born, and require specific training.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg set the tone this fall by renaming his group "Meta" for "metaverse."

Its objective was to underline the importance of the exchanges carried out in a virtual universe which simulates the real world.

These exchanges would thus be more and more numerous in the future.

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Although "fictitious" and still little exploited, this parallel world already means a lot to companies as they seek to recruit specialized profiles.

They ask for example Ridouan Abagri, president of the Metaverse College which will open its doors next October in Paris, in the district of La Défense: "We are in discussion with Carrefour, IBM and other players like that who are references on the French market," he says.

"The metaverse attracts a kind of curiosity, but above all a strong appetite! Whether on the part of candidates, companies, public markets... At the moment, we hear about metaverse everywhere", rejoices Ridouan Abagri.

"Meta-heritage" manager: a fashionable profession

Metaverse College students will learn to code, design designs in augmented reality, understand the rules of the virtual art market or bitcoin courses… The profession of financial manager in "meta-heritage", in particular, has a future.

“Until now, companies have only used

asset managers

to manage their investment portfolios. Now, we will also need people to manage crypto-currency portfolios”, explains the founder of Metaverse. Middle School.


 Understand everything about Metaverse, Facebook's new fad

The year of training in this establishment, accessible to students with a bac +3 or bac +5, will cost up to 10,000 euros.

But it could be entirely taken in charge by a company, within the framework of an alternation.