The black box of the passenger plane that crashed in a mountainous area in China was found.

It was revealed that this airliner fell vertically after 3 minutes, and it is noteworthy whether the specific cause of the crash will be revealed with the discovery of the black box. 

Correspondent Kim Ji-sung from Beijing reports.


Search crews put an orange cylindrical object into a plastic bag.

This is the black box of a Boeing 737 belonging to China Eastern Airlines that crashed three days ago.

This black box turned out to be a cockpit black box that recorded the voices of the captain and co-pilot among the two black boxes on the passenger plane.

Although the exterior of the black box was badly damaged, Chinese authorities expect the data to be readable.

[Zhu Tao/Director of Civil Aviation Bureau of China: The exterior of the black box is severely damaged and the storage device is also damaged to some extent, but it is in a relatively intact state.]

Earlier, the passenger plane carrying 132 passengers and crew departed from Kunming, Yunnan, and Guangdong on the 21st. On his way to Guangzhou, he crashed into a mountainous area in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

It remained at a cruising altitude of 8,900 meters and crashed down rapidly in three minutes, during which time the control tower contacted several times, but it turned out that there was no response.

Even if the engine of an airplane is turned off, it usually glides over a certain distance, but the fact that this airliner fell vertically raises the possibility that there was a defect in the aircraft or the pilot lost control.

Part of the body was found at the crash site, but no survivors were found.

Chinese authorities have moved the recovered black box to Beijing, where they are focusing on investigating the cause of the unusual vertical fall.