A video was released of a black bear breaking into a pig pen, and the pigs inside rushed and defeated the bear.

According to foreign media such as UPI News on the 22nd local time, Rebecca Shaw, who lives in New Milford, Connecticut, USA, was surprised when she saw the video of a security camera recently installed in the pigpen.

He was captured by security cameras as his little pigs chase a large black bear.

According to the video released by Shaw, on the 17th, when a black bear crossed the fence of a pig cage, a white pig inside rushed towards a bear that was bigger than him.

In response, the bear also launched an attack, but was pushed back by the white pig.

Then the Black Pig joined in and drove the bear into a corner.

As the black pig drew near, the bear froze in surprise.

The cornered bear panicked and ran over the fence and out of the pigsty.

Shaw, the owner of two pigs, said in an interview with NBC: "My son saw a bear outside the house and screamed, so he checked the security camera and saw this amazing scene. We are proud of our pigs who know how to protect themselves." "I'm more than happy that I'm safe without any injuries," he said.

Shaw also said, "The white pig's name is 'Mary', and the black pig's name is 'Hamlet.'

He added, "We've given special meals to the brave guys as a reward," he said.

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(Photo and video = 'WTNH News8' YouTube capture)