In the clip, you hear the school councilor Axel Darvik (L) about the harsh criticism

The assessment is that the compulsory school board did not follow the Education Act and that the handling was not appropriate.

For six months, the association did not have access to the decided student money, among other things on the grounds that the association did not have a bank giro number, which must exist according to the city's guidelines.

Instead, the board applied for permission to deposit the money with the county administrative board.

The first applications were granted, but in appeals in higher instances, all decisions have gone against the board.

Later, the county administrative board also rejected the board's applications as there was no legal basis for them.

- The board has appealed all decisions and judgments that claimed that the student money should be paid to the association.

The board must comply with the legislation and has no given right to try the meaning of individual legal rules via the courts, writes Bengt Bivall.

"Is there a risk that the association will not be treated objectively and equally"

The City Audit's assessment is that the board's actions have led to financial damage to the association.

It has also probably damaged the school activities that the association conducts, ie ultimately the students' right to an equal education regardless of the principal.

- There is also a risk that the association has not been treated objectively and equally.

This is serious from a legal perspective, Bengt writes in a press release.

Darvik: "Do not agree"

However, the responsible municipal council, the Liberals' Axel Darvik, rejects the criticism.

- I do not agree with the criticism.

For me, it is about common sense and common sense in handling taxpayers' money, he says.

The board now receives a remark from the city audit.

Two of the auditing group's 22 members wanted to settle for milder criticism, in the form of a reminder.