[Explanation] At 4:30 in the afternoon, in the guzheng classroom of Aoqian Primary School in Pingtan, Fujian, Tan Jiaming is earnestly guiding the students to practice guzheng.

After several years of continuous advancement, practicing guzheng has become a common practice in the school.

In addition to Aoqian Primary School, many schools in Pingtan and Fuzhou are also active with Tan Jiaming and his team of teachers. They walked into the school and taught the students Guzheng, Pipa, Erhu and other national musical instruments.

A few days ago, the reporter went to Pingtan, Fujian to make an appointment to visit Tan Jiaming.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Tan Jiaming

  When we first started, we had no reputation at all, and the school principal would not necessarily accept us. In (20) 17 years, the principal of Liushui Primary School (Pingtan) strongly supported us, and it was not until Aoqian Primary School that our affairs were considered. After so many years, the principal and the others have seen the results, so it's okay.

  [Explanation] In 2014, Tan Jiaming came to the mainland from Taipei across the sea to start a business. He designed a mobile phone that can be projected and built a house, but in the end, he died.

Tan Jiaming, who has been influenced by art since childhood, thought of promoting folk music in the mainland, so he decided to look for an opportunity to start a business again.

Since 2017, Tan Jiaming has continuously introduced Taiwan's outstanding musical talents to work in the mainland, and has tried to cooperate with elementary schools to teach erhu, guzheng and other musical instruments voluntarily.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Tan Jiaming

  Bring Taiwan's educational philosophy, because Taiwan has a broader heritage in folk music. Our main purpose is to popularize folk music, not to make profits as the forerunner. If I want to make profits, I may open a small piano shop. After living my life, I will do such a big move today. Going to school to popularize folk music is to let folk music take root in our next generation. Such an idea will insist on popularizing folk music.

  [Explanation] In just a few years, Tan Jiaming and his team have gained a firm foothold in Pingtan because of their outstanding teaching ability.

After accumulating enough experience, he brought more than a dozen teachers to Fuzhou to promote folk music in a wider space.

At present, they have carried out public welfare cooperation with five schools in Fuzhou.

In the future, Tan Jiaming also wants to go deep into more rural areas to help left-behind children there.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Tan Jiaming

  This quality education is really relatively weak, especially music and folk music education, art education, of course (in rural areas) is weak.

I hope to have such a good practice example in Pingtan, and I hope to spread to more villages.

  [Explanation] Since 2018, Tan Jiaming has invited teachers and students from Taiwan to the mainland every summer vacation.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this project also pressed the pause button.

He told reporters that cultural exchanges between the two sides of the strait should start with children, and to continue to create cross-strait youth folk music exchange and study activities. He also hoped that more Taiwanese youths would see the vast stage of the mainland and choose to develop in the mainland.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Tan Jiaming

  (Mainland) has introduced a lot of subsidies and incentives for Taiwanese youth, which not only give us a runway, but also give us a chance to realize our dreams. I think this is a little bit difficult in Taiwan. In good conscience, In any case, the mainland market is huge and there are many opportunities, so I hope everyone can come to the mainland to work hard and work hard.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Pingtan, Fujian

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]