The international fair has reached 21 million visits

Guests from East and West: Thank you, "Expo Dubai"

  • "Expo Dubai" organizes high-level events that satisfy all tastes.

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"Expo 2020 Dubai" achieved a new boom, and a clear increase in the number of its visitors, which reached 20 million, 819 thousand and 155 visits, after exceeding the 20 million limit at the beginning of this week, which prompted the guests of the international event to express their gratitude by launching the hashtag (#Thank you to Expo). .

Starting with Al Wasl Dome, the jewel in the crown of the "Dubai Expo", and the surreal Expo waterfalls, in addition to the group of high-level entertainment events and the magnificent pavilions of the 192 participating countries, visitors to the international event are amazed, confirming their happiness with the largest gathering of its kind since the beginning of the pandemic, which Attract guests from East and West in one place.

Indian Sera Rachel Jacob explained: “After learning about the sustainable development goals in theory during my undergraduate studies, I have never had the opportunity to witness their implementation by countries around the world.

At (Expo Dubai) I learned how all countries contribute to these goals and plan to achieve them.”

For her part, Dr. Aloysia Ogle (South African residing in Dubai) said: “(Expo Dubai) really opened my mind to anticipating the possibilities of the future.

I was greatly affected, and was impressed by the equipment that was provided for people of determination.”

"I visited the international event with my father-in-law who is disabled in a wheelchair, my autistic son and my little girl in her stroller, and I'm still planning to have an amazing experience," she added.

While Austrian tourist Dr. Karin M. Strasser emphasized: "For me, (Expo Dubai) was the motivator to travel as much as I can, and I believe that knowing and understanding other countries and ethnic groups contributes to achieving world peace."

The "Expo 2020 Dubai Future Stars" program, which ran over the six-month duration of the international event, provided the opportunity to get to know the young performers.

It provided an unprecedented platform, as they showcased their talents on the Al Wasl platform.

Suhaila Khamis, the child's mother, Mira Faisal Al Naqbi, said: "It was very touching to see my daughter perform a segment for the first time in Al Wasl Square in (Expo Dubai) for the whole world to watch. It is an indescribable feeling."

Expo Dubai is currently hosting Water Week, which is the tenth and final week in a series of theme weeks under the Man and Planet programme.

The Water Week will continue until next Saturday and include a wide program of events focusing on how the most precious resources can be protected, as well as a strong focus on the collective responsibility shared by the international community to better manage and conserve water in the face of threats such as climate change and pollution. Plastic, over-fishing for example.

The Expo 2020 Dubai program enables people and planet to exchange inspiring new visions to tackle the major challenges and opportunities of our time, including climate, biodiversity and global goals.

The program embraced meaningful collaborative talks and initiatives that will leave a positive impact on people's lives for a long time after the Dubai Expo ends at the end of this month.

A group of countries are still waiting to celebrate their national days, including Pakistan (today), Namibia (tomorrow), and India on the 29th of this month, while the BIE, the body supervising the World Expos, celebrates its honorary day on the 30th of this month.

The number of virtual visits to the "Expo Dubai" exceeded the threshold of 197 million visits, thanks to the various entertainment events available via live broadcast (Live@Expo), and the wide coverage of the activities of the Expo 2020 Dubai program for people and planet.

dazzling party

Expo 2020 Dubai is looking forward to hosting visitors in upcoming and more distinguished events, including the dazzling closing ceremony on March 31, which includes high-level entertainment activities and honors teachers and school students.

• 197 million virtual visits, thanks to the various entertainment events available through the live broadcast "Expo Live".

• On the 29th of this month, the International Bureau of Exhibitions, the supervising authority for international exhibitions, celebrates its honorary day.

Aloysia Ogle:

• «The exhibition opened my mind to the future.

I was fascinated by the equipment it provided for people of determination.”

Suhaila Khamis:

• “Seeing my daughter performing a segment in Al Wasl Square at (Expo Dubai), an indescribable feeling.”