A valuable catch for Ukraine is a great loss for Russia and a mine of intelligence information for the West

Ukrainian forces managed to seize parts of one of Russia's most advanced electronic warfare systems, which represents a great loss for Moscow and a mine of intelligence information for the West, according to the American website "The Drive", which specializes in following up on military affairs.

The piece captured by Ukraine is part of Russia's mobile electronic warfare system known as the Krasukha-4, which is primarily designed to detect and jam large radars such as those on early warning aircraft and spy satellites.

The system consists of two parts that are carried on two military trucks, the first representing a command center and the second containing electronic warfare systems.

According to the website, the Ukrainian forces recently found the part of the command post outside the capital, Kyiv.

The site indicates that the occurrence of this important part of the advanced Russian system represents a great loss for Moscow from an operational perspective, as one of the most advanced mobile electronic warfare systems in the Russian army.

He adds that this system was developed as part of a larger project of field systems to protect Russian forces on the ground and in the air from prying eyes and various ground and air surveillance and imaging radars, as well as some satellites equipped with radars to collect intelligence.

#Ukraine: We managed to identify this bizarre "container", captured today by the UA forces near #Kyiv.

It is likely to be the command post of one of the most potent Russian EW system - 1RL257 Krasukha-4, used to suppress AWACS radars & radar reconnaissance satellites.


— 🇺🇦 Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) March 22, 2022

Russian officials claim that the Krasukha-4 can detect and jam various types of radar, including surveillance radars, airborne radar imaging sensors and missile altimeters, with a range of 150 to 300 kilometers.

It is also reported that this system can emit powerful beams of radiation to damage sensitive electronic systems on certain targets, and disrupt combat aircraft and drones.

In addition, the Krasukha-4 is a mobile multi-purpose system that can be rapidly moved based on a changing situation on the ground to provide significant support to Russia's electronic warfare efforts.

The site asserts that despite Russia's advanced electronic warfare capabilities, which have been employed in Ukraine, among other countries, in the past, Moscow has not used the Krasukha-4 system extensively in the current conflict.

The site attributes this to Russia's fear of losing these advanced and expensive systems, or as a result of its fear of Ukrainian forces taking over them.

Besides the direct effects of losing part of this Krasukha-4 system to Ukrainian forces, the website asserts that Kyiv, if it manages to secure the command center it has captured, could provide a great source of intelligence for the country's authorities and their Western allies.

It is certain that intelligence agencies in the United States and other countries in the West will be happy to lay their hands on this informational "wealth" related to the system, find out its loopholes and develop measures to confront it, according to the "The Drive" website.

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