China News Service, Beijing, March 22 (Reporter Guo Chaokai Xing Chong) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference on March 22.

  A reporter asked: On the 21st, US Secretary of State Blinken issued a statement saying that the US will impose visa restrictions on Chinese officials involved in the suppression of ethnic minorities, religious groups, dissidents and other human rights violations inside and outside China and in the US.

What is China's response to this?

  Wang Wenbin: The US statement is full of ideological prejudice and political lies, smearing China and suppressing Chinese officials for no reason.

Violating international law and basic norms of international relations, and grossly interfering in China's internal affairs.

China firmly opposes this.

  What is the human rights situation in China? The Chinese people have the most say.

The Chinese government adheres to the people-centered human rights concept, earnestly implements the constitutional principle of "respecting and protecting human rights", regards the rights to subsistence and development as the primary basic human rights, and coordinates the promotion of the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental rights of all people. , strive to maintain social fairness and justice, and promote the all-round development of human beings.

  China has successfully embarked on a human rights development path that conforms to the trend of the times and suits its own national conditions, and has promoted China's human rights cause to achieve historic achievements. More than 1.4 billion Chinese people have a growing sense of gain, happiness and security in the protection of human rights.

China's human rights situation is at its best in history, and the international community has seen it.

  The biggest human rights violator in the world is precisely the United States.

Historically, the United States has slaughtered, expelled, and assimilated Indians in various aspects such as physical, land, and cultural aspects, and violated the human rights of Indians in an all-round and systematic manner, which has long constituted a de facto genocide.

The United States systematically racially purged Indians for more than a hundred years after the founding of the nation.

The American Indian population plummeted from 5 million at the end of the 15th century to 250,000 at the beginning of the 20th century.

The U.S. government also implemented an assimilation policy on Indian culture, which led to the extinction of Indian culture.

  The tragic experience of the Indians is far from being the whole story of America's human rights misdeeds.

The ineffective response of the United States to the new crown pneumonia epidemic has killed more than 970,000 American people; the long-term systemic racial discrimination in the United States is difficult to eliminate, and the Freuds "can't breathe".

The United States has also launched aggression abroad, violated the human rights of the people of other countries, and caused serious disasters to the people of other countries.

The United States even openly swallowed the $7 billion in frozen assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, robbed the Afghan people of their life-saving money, and added fuel to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

This is the kind of United States that is still clamoring to suppress and sanction other countries in the name of "protecting human rights" all day long. This trick is doomed to fail.

  We urge the U.S. side to earnestly reflect on and correct the numerous crimes it has committed in the field of human rights, and at the same time, view China’s human rights situation in an objective and fair manner, stop deliberately smearing and suppressing China, and immediately revoke the so-called sanctions against Chinese officials, otherwise China will surely react reciprocally. system.