China News Service, Xining, March 22 (Reporter Sun Rui) Online insurance registration, medical insurance payment, medical scan code settlement, off-site medical treatment filing, family outpatient mutual assistance... All medical insurance services are "online and handheld".

These efficient and convenient medical treatment scenarios are now being presented in major medical institutions in Qinghai Province.

  A reporter from learned from the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau on the 22nd that in recent years, the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau has taken the Internet Express to focus on the "pain points", "difficulties" and "blocking points" of the people's affairs, and actively promote the construction of medical insurance informatization. Medical insurance benefits thousands of families and enables the insured to enjoy better and more convenient services.

"Code" to handle, so that people can rest assured

  "You don't need a card for medical purchases, you only need a medical insurance code when you go out." The "medical insurance code" is an electronic medical insurance certificate, which is a unified national medical insurance identity. , Qinghai Medical Insurance APP, online banking and other channels are activated. After activating the medical insurance electronic certificate, the insured person can scan the code to settle the medical expenses when they go to the doctor and buy medicine. At the demonstration point of the comprehensive medical insurance service terminal, they can also "swipe their face" to settle the bill.

It truly realizes "one code in hand, worry-free settlement" for medical and drug purchases, so that insured personnel can completely get rid of the problem of "running back and forth" such as forgetting social security cards and forgetting passwords.

  Statistics show that up to now, the number of insured persons in Qinghai Province has reached 1.23 billion person-times using electronic vouchers, and 963,000 person-times have been settled by face-swiping.

  Ma Mou, an insurer in Xining City, said: "It's really convenient to buy medicine now. You don't need to bring a card, you can scan the code, and you can also swipe your face."

Family outpatient clinics help each other to warm the hearts of the people

  Li Mou, a provincial insured in Qinghai, established a "family mutual aid account" through the Qinghai Medical Insurance APP, and paid the urban and rural residents' medical insurance for his parents and two children in 2022.

"There are two elderly people and two children in the family. It used to cost more than 1,000 yuan to pay medical insurance every year. Now, through family mutual aid, I use my personal medical insurance account to pay the bills, which reduces a lot of expenses. I really enjoy the benefits brought by the medical insurance reform. dividends.”

  Family mutual assistance is an important measure for the reform of the medical security system in Qinghai Province in 2021. Insured persons can apply for it through the Qinghai Medical Insurance APP or at the medical insurance handling hall of the insured place.

The founder of the family mutual aid account is the insured member of the employee medical insurance in our province, and the mutual aid person is the founder’s spouse, parents, and children, who only need to participate in the basic medical insurance for urban workers or urban and rural residents in our province, they can enjoy the family mutual aid policy.

The founder can transfer a certain amount of funds in his personal account to the mutual aid account for the medical insurance of himself and his family members. When the elderly and children in the family see a doctor, they can use their medical insurance electronic certificate and social security card in designated medical institutions. Paying medical expenses that meet the regulations facilitates the elderly, children and special groups with limited mobility to see a doctor and improves the utilization rate of medical insurance personal accounts.

Real-time settlement online, making people feel comfortable

  Xing, a Tibetan insured, settled in Xining after retirement.

On March 4, Xing purchased medicine at the Qilian Road store of Qinghai Sinopharm Holding Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., and scanned the code to settle the purchase cost of 281 yuan.

  "It's really convenient to seek medical treatment in different places now. Before, I only had to swipe my card in the hospital. Now I can pay for medicines in outpatient clinics and pharmacies directly, which has solved my big trouble." The pressure of “funding” and reimbursement “running errands back and forth” is due to relying on “Internet + medical insurance” and access to the national online real-time settlement system, which better guarantees the medical needs of insured people in different places.

  Relying on the medical security information platform of Qinghai Province, on the basis of steadily promoting the direct settlement of inter-provincial and out-of-place medical treatment and hospitalization, it has gradually opened the inter-provincial direct settlement of general outpatient clinics, outpatient chronic diseases, and drugstore purchases, so as to continuously improve the sense of gain and happiness of the insured people. sense of security.

At present, the province has opened 518 inter-provincial direct settlement inpatient hospitals, 258 general outpatient clinics, 2 outpatient chronic and special disease pilot hospitals, and 419 pharmacies.

  According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, 1,063 cross-provincial direct settlements have been made by insured persons from various provinces enjoying medical insurance in Xining, involving more than 10 million yuan in medical expenses.