China News Agency, Berlin, March 22. According to German media reports, security personnel at several airports in Germany conducted a warning strike on the 22nd, resulting in large-scale cancellation of flights.

The warning strike was initiated by the German service-industry trade union, which was aimed at demanding employers raise the hourly wages of airport security staff.

  On the same day, at many airports in Germany, tourist travel was severely affected.

German service trade unions have called for a full-day and regional warning strike by security personnel.

  Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest airport, only provides emergency transfer services. Among the 790 planned flights, 108 flights were cancelled; due to the closure of passenger security services throughout the day, all 88 planned flights at Hamburg Airport were cancelled; Dusseldorf Airport 140 of the 260 departure and arrival flights were cancelled; about 100 of the 150 planned departures at the capital Berlin airport were cancelled; Bremen, Hannover, Stuttgart and Cologne/Bonn airports were also on strike, with about 80% of The flight cannot take off normally.

Airports remind passengers to confirm flight status before travel.

  In labor negotiations with the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies, the German service-industry union demanded an hourly wage increase of at least 1 euro for security personnel.

  The strike drew criticism from the industry.

The German aviation industry federation said the strike first affected air traffic and thousands of passengers.

"It's unfair and makes it harder for airlines and their employees to bounce back after facing an economic collapse due to the pandemic," said Matthias von Randow, the federation's chief executive.

  Airport security is understood to be overseen by the federal police and largely outsourced to private service providers.

In Bavaria alone, inspectors are paid under the collective bargaining agreement for public services and are therefore not involved in the strike.

  As early as last week, German service-industry unions staged a full-day warning strike at several airports, prompting protests from airports and airlines.

The fifth round of labor negotiations between the union and the Association of Federal Aviation Security Companies is scheduled for the 24th.