"My 7-year-old daughter is in a state of excitement. I think she will eventually need mental treatment,"

said a woman who has been evacuating with her daughters for more than three weeks in an underground shelter in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

As the Russian army continued to attack, I was able to talk about what I felt.

Where are you spending as the Russian army continues to attack?

《Kusenya Kosewaya (37)》

I have been sleeping in the underground shelter for another 22 days with my two daughters and my elderly parents.

It is also scary to leave Kiev after being shot when an acquaintance tries to leave Kiev.

Many neighbors are staying the same.

What do the children look like?

Her seven-year-old daughter, Serapima, has been in a state of excitement since Kyiv was bombed and has become very scared to go out.

Serafima also began to care about any sound she made.

We have to spend time in the shelter so that she can't hear her explosion.

Having lived this way for more than three weeks, her daughter's mental impact is greater.

I think she will need treatment someday.

Do you have any pain other than your child?

It is the "fear" that I always feel.

You can hear the explosion sound from a distance.

On the 17th, the area we lived in was hit by a missile.

I feel that the Russian army is approaching Kyiv.

You have to be more careful than ever because you hear the explosions frequently.

Even if I'm in the shelter, I'm still uneasy.

Do you know what's going on in Kyiv city?

Almost no humans can be found in the city of Kyiv.

No cars are running, and few people are walking.

Many citizens still remain in Kyiv, but they are all hiding.

It's like "the city is empty".

Now, partly because of Serapima, it is very difficult to get to the ground.

You have to be on the ground to take a shower or cook a meal, but even that is difficult.

Is it possible to evacuate from Kyiv?

I think it's safer to stay in the underground shelter now, as Serapima isn't able to get out to the ground because of fear.

I never expected this to happen.

What are you most looking for?

I hope that peace will come so that no one will die anymore.

Now, children and the elderly are dying one after another.

Some people have been left under the debris.

So many citizens are dying and just scared.

This is a real war.

I really don't want anyone to feel this kind of fear.

May all be peaceful and healthy.

May no one die.