A ray of light which passes through a stained glass window representing Judah and strikes the head of Christ on the pulpit with a green glow... At each autumn and spring equinox, as well as six days after these famous September 22 and March 20, this phenomenon is visible in the cathedral of Strasbourg.

This has been going on since 1972, when the surveyor Maurice Rosart discovered this "green ray".

But this rarity, which attracts many curious people, did not take place this year.

Not because of the weather, radiant in Alsace at the moment, but because of work.

Stained glass windows in the south glass roof have been renovated and… the light no longer passes through the new translucent and no longer transparent glasses, report the

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But there are still other curiosities to come and contemplate at Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg...


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