The Russian army, which continues to invade Ukraine, has informed the Ukrainian army to disarm and surrender the city in eastern Mariupol, but the Ukrainian side refused.

In the future, it is feared that the Russian army's offensive will intensify and the number of victims will continue to increase.

On the 21st, the Russian Ministry of Defense attacked a facility for training foreign mercenaries in Rivne, western Ukraine, with a missile and announced that "more than 80 mercenaries and nationalists have died." We are strengthening our offensive while restraining the movement of support.

In Mariupol, a strategic point in the east, fierce urban warfare continues between the besieged Russian troops and the opposing Ukrainian troops.

Mariupol's city council said on the 20th, "Russian troops bombed an art school where about 400 citizens, including women, children and the elderly, evacuated." I don't know if only a few people are alive. We will surely shoot down the pilot who made this bombing. "

As the Russian army intensified its offensive, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement on the night of the 20th, saying that "all Ukrainian troops should put down their weapons and demand that they withdraw from Mariupol", telling them to stop resistance and surrender Mariupol. ..

In response, Ukrainian media reported that Deputy Prime Minister Beresichk refused to notify, saying that "it is impossible to disarm and surrender."

In the future, it is feared that the Russian army's offensive will intensify and the number of victims will continue to increase.

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense, which is conducting analysis of the war situation, pointed out on the 21st that most of the Russian troops for the siege of the capital Kyiv are still more than 25 km away from the city center and there is a deadlock. doing.

However, even with no troop advancement, Russian troops may prioritize the siege of Kyiv over the next few weeks.

In the midst of a stalemate in the war situation, the Russian army is also showing its willingness to show off its military power, such as launching ultra-supersonic missiles in quick succession.

In addition, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov claimed on the 21st that "a planned provocation of Ukrainian nationalists took place at night in Sumy," and a situation in which ammonia leaked at a factory in Sumy in the northeast. I pointed out that it happened.

On that basis, the Ukrainian side accused the possibility of using chemical weapons, but the United States and others may use these claims and conversely decide to use chemical weapons and biological weapons. We are becoming more vigilant about it.

What is Mariupol, a key point in the east?

Mariupol in eastern Ukraine has a population of more than 400,000.

There is a port facing the Sea of ​​Azov, which serves as a base for exporting coal and steel, and has prospered as a port city with factories lined up along the coast.

While it is a key point for Ukraine to access the Sea of ​​Azov, it is an important location for Russia, as it connects the Crimean Peninsula, which was unilaterally merged in 2014, with mainland Russia.

In the field, fierce urban warfare continued between the Russian army that surrounded the town and the Ukrainian army that was defending, and more than 80% of the houses were attacked so far, and theaters and schools where women and children were evacuated. Has been bombed and a serious humanitarian crisis continues.

Mariupol's agreement has been reached between the two governments to establish an evacuation route called the "humanitarian corridor," but the Ukrainian side has been hindering the evacuation of civilians as Russian troops continue to attack after the agreement. I have complained.

Mariupol's city council states that "more than 350,000 citizens remain" as of the 17th.

There are days when the temperature drops below freezing, electricity, water, and gas stop, and the communication infrastructure is extremely unstable, so it is thought that we are forced to live a difficult life with almost no food.