According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on March 20, local time, on the morning of the same day, President-elect Yoon Seok-yue of South Korea held the first press conference after the establishment of the 20th Presidential Handover Committee Office, and released the "Blue House Presidential Office Relocation Plan".

  Yin Xiyue said that the Presidential Palace of South Korea will be moved out of the Blue House and moved to the Ministry of National Defense Building in Yongsan District, Seoul.

Yin Xiyue pointed out in the press conference that considering the inconvenience brought to the people and the promise of opening the Blue House to the people, the decision to relocate should be made quickly and pushed forward.

  Yin Xiyue said that after taking office on May 10, the new site will be settled. At that time, the Blue House will be open to the public.

  During the campaign, Yin Xiyue once said that he would move the presidential office from the Blue House to Gwanghwamun, aiming to break the inherent impression of South Korea's "imperial presidential system", saying that "it will end the era when the Blue House ruled the people and usher in a new era of progress together with the people. Gwanghwamun New Era".

  Regarding the reason why Gwanghwamun was not chosen as the presidential palace, according to The Korea Times, Yin Xiyue said that after careful study of the relocation plan, he believed that moving to Gwanghwamun might cause security problems and inconvenience to the public.

Yin Xiyue said that the Ministry of Defense building has been equipped with necessary security facilities to minimize the inconvenience to the public.

  The Blue House in South Korea was built during the reign of Emperor Suzong of Goryeo and was originally the palace of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Since South Korea's previous presidents have not been perfect since the founding of the country, some people in South Korea have always questioned the "feng shui problem" of the Blue House.

  The current President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, made a promise to relocate the presidential palace from the Blue House to Gwanghwamun in the 2012 and 2017 presidential elections.

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