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Jacqueline Straub felt the "call" at a Christian youth camp as a teenager.

It could be the plot of the movie that made Los Javis known as creators, but it is a true story.

"I felt a desire inside me that was growing stronger that week [in the camp]: I wanted to be a priest in the Roman Catholic Church," confesses Jacqueline in

Young, Catholic and Woman: Why I Want to Be a Priest

(PPC), a book that intends to shake the foundations of the Church and advocates for the equality of women within the institution.

When Jacqueline had this revelation she was only 15 years old.

Today, at 32, she still thinks the same.

"I have had my vocation clear since I was a teenager. Over the years, it has become stronger and stronger.

Even in moments that were very painful, I knew that I had a 'calling' and I wanted to work on it," he explains to LOC.

And she has done so, since this young German moved to Freiburg to study theology.

She is a writer, journalist and also works on ecclesiastical issues.

Jacqueline knows that it will not be easy to fulfill the vocation of becoming a priest.

Despite this, she takes it as a long-distance race in which she does not plan to lower her arms.

Boxing, her favorite sport, has taught her a few lessons that she believes she can apply to her life.

"You have to train for a long time to win a fight. Losses are part of it. Also that sometimes you feel weak. But the important thing is that you always get back up.

It's the same with my work in the Church. I need a lot of long breath.

But if you train hard, one day you will reach your goal."

Jacqueline boxingOn loan

The young Catholic denounces the existence of unequal treatment by the Church in relation to women.

"Women still do not have the same rights and opportunities in the Catholic Church. In local parishes, it is predominantly women who keep the Church alive.

But they are still not allowed to become priests.

A woman's priestly vocation it is not even examined by the Church. This is injustice and unequal treatment."

Jacqueline, who has raised the feminist flag within the Church, has become a reference for other young women who also feel "the call".

"Young people want a lively, colorful church where everyone has a place. Young women tell me that they too have felt the call.

I am a role model and they appreciate that I am working for reform in the Catholic Church."

Regarding the current Pope, Jacqueline also speaks out.

"I think Pope Francis is a great Pope. He is close to the people. However,

I don't think he will introduce gender equality but he will pave the way for an open dialogue."

Finally, he assures that he feels called to priestly service but "not to celibacy."

"I am confident that in the year 2040 the structures of the Church will be softer and more flexible.

That there will be priests, men and women, married,

and that homosexuals and divorced people will no longer be excluded from the sacraments," he explains in the book that he will present next Thursday at the CMU Chaminade.

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