The Democratic Party of Korea has decided to push ahead with a plan to freeze the real estate ownership tax burden for one household per household at the 2020 level.

Cho Eung-cheon, secretary of the Democratic Party of the National Assembly Land Transport Committee, said at a non-committee meeting today (21st), "We agreed to use the published price in 2020 to calculate the tax base so that anyone who owns one household can reduce the burden of property and property taxes. "He said.

The Democratic Party held a meeting of the policy committee and standing committee this morning, made this decision, and delivered the relevant information to the government.

Commissioner Cho said, "Individual taxpayers do not have to pay more than the amount paid in 2020 (property tax and estate tax), and the burden of health insurance does not increase."

As the public housing price for apartment buildings increased by 19% last year and is expected to rise by around 20% this year, it is intended to prevent the tax burden from increasing by imposing taxes on the published price before the sharp rise in house prices.

However, there were also voices of concern about policies to ease the real estate tax burden.

Ji-woong Kwon, a member of the non-commissioning committee, said at a meeting of the non-commissioning committee, "We should not take measures to reduce the real estate tax in vain.

(Photo = Yonhap News)