The New York Times warned that a new wave of the Corona virus may strike the United States soon, although it has only been two months since the number of infections in the country rose from the mutated Omicron to frightening numbers.

The American newspaper stated in a report that scientists and health officials are in a state of readiness in anticipation of another wave of the pandemic, which will represent the first major test of the country's strategy to coexist with the virus while limiting its effects.

easing restrictions

These warnings come at a time when the country - at the state and federal level - is experiencing an easing of the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, and an attempt to restore a semblance of normality.

To encourage Americans to return to their pre-coronavirus lifestyle, officials are beginning to abolish mandatory wearing of masks and vaccinations, with no tendency to close offices, restaurants or theaters.

However, scientists warn that the United States is not doing enough to prevent a new wave of endangering vulnerable sections of society, with the potential to turn people's lives upside down again.

According to the newspaper, the drugs can treat the infection, but federal efforts to buy more of them remain shrouded in mystery.

Although less than a third of the US population has received the booster doses of vaccines needed to increase protection against the virus, the daily vaccination rate has fallen to the lowest level.

Perhaps the clearest warnings came from Western Europe, where some countries (such as Britain, France and Germany) are experiencing an increase in cases of the virus, and to a greater extent due to the emergence of a new sub-strain of the Omicron mutant called BA 2, which indicates that the period of calm The short period that many regions have been blessed with is about to end.

The most prominent differences between the original Omicron Corona strain, the ghost strain and the New Cove Corona virus (Al Jazeera)

Epidemiologists and infectious disease experts say there are many similar factors present in the United States, making the possibility of this sub-strain emerging, but it is not clear if and when this new mutation will strike the country, and how virulent it will be.

And virologist Christian Andersen expects the United States to witness another wave sooner than most people think, adding that this could happen in April at the earliest or later in the spring or early summer.

The newspaper pointed out that the “PA2” strain of the Omicron mutant began to appear across Europe, while certain countries were working to lift restrictions and abolish the mandatory wearing of masks, which may increase its spread.

Scientists in Britain attributed some of the reasons for the exacerbation of cases of the new mutation to the fact that human immunity tends to weaken over time after receiving vaccinations, or due to previous infections.