China News Agency, New York, March 18 (Xinhua) The U.S. stock market closed higher again on the 18th.

After four straight sessions of gains, all three New York stock indexes posted their biggest weekly gains since 2020 this week.

  As of the close of the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reported 34754.93 points, a weekly increase of 5.50%; the Nasdaq Composite Index reported 13893.84 points, a weekly increase of 8.18%; the S&P 500 stock index reported 4463.12 points, a weekly increase of 6.16%.

  Since the 18th is a quarterly "Four Witch Day", that is, stock index futures, stock index options, individual stock futures and individual stock options expire on the same day, the volatility of U.S. stocks on the day increased significantly, and the stock prices of a large number of individual stocks rose sharply in the late trading stage. Descend.

  Specifically, stocks in the consumer discretionary and technology sectors led gains, while stocks in the energy sector were broadly lower.

One-day losses in some individual stocks wiped out gains from previous sessions.

Among them, the stock price of Facebook's parent company "Metaverse" rose 4.16% on the day and 15.39% on the week; Amazon rose 2.55% on the day and 8.31% on the week; Occidental Oil fell 3.05% on the day and 2.95% on the week.

  The "Wall Street Journal" said that the situation in Ukraine this week did not escalate further during the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, the Federal Reserve started the interest rate hike cycle and expressed confidence in the economic outlook, and international oil prices fell from high levels. These news renewed the optimism of investors in the U.S. stock market. The build-up helped push indexes back from losses, with all three major indexes posting their biggest weekly gains since 2020.

However, the Nasdaq is still down more than 10% from its all-time high.

  The US financial media CNBC quoted analysts as saying that geopolitical risks have not been lifted, and the situation in Ukraine is still the focus of the market.

At present, the prospect of Russia-Ukraine negotiations is still unclear.

If tensions intensify and stimulate sharp fluctuations in commodity prices, market sentiment will be suppressed again, and U.S. stocks are bound to take a hit.