As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads throughout China, the Chinese government announced that two infected people died in Jilin Province in the northeast on the 18th.

It is the first time since January last year that China has taken strict measures to thoroughly suppress the new corona and has died.

According to the announcement by the Chinese health authorities, 3870 people including asymptomatic people were confirmed to have a new coronavirus infection in the market on the 18th.

Two elderly people infected with the new corona died on the 18th in Jilin Province in the northeastern part of the country, where the most infected people were confirmed and some of them had strict restrictions on going out.

In China, strict measures have been taken to thoroughly curb the new corona, and it is the first time since January last year that an infected person has died.

Although there are few cases of serious illness in China, the number of infected people has fallen to the level since February, and infections centered on Omicron strains are spreading rapidly in various places, and the Chinese government is wary of the spread of infection. I am strengthening.