(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Quanzhou, Fujian Newly Confirmed Cases in a Single Day Breaking 12 People Under the Age of 16

  China News Service, Quanzhou, March 19 (Reporter Sun Hong) The Quanzhou Municipal Health Commission of Fujian Province reported the latest situation of the local new type of coronavirus pneumonia on the 18th.

According to the report, from 0 to 24:00 on March 17, there were 111 new confirmed cases in Quanzhou.

  According to reports, among the 111 confirmed cases, 9 were in Licheng District, 72 in Fengze District, 9 in Luojiang District, 6 in Shishi City, 4 in Jinjiang City, 3 in Nan'an City, 3 in Anxi, 1 in Yongchun, and 1 in Germany. 1 case in chemical industry, 2 cases in Taiwan business district, and 1 case in development zone.

  According to the confirmed cases announced this time, 12 of the 111 people are 16 years old and below, and the youngest are two 2-year-old boys.

  At the same time, 81 new asymptomatic infections were reported that day, including 12 in Licheng District, 45 in Fengze District, 3 in Luojiang District, 6 in Shishi City, 4 in Jinjiang City, 6 in Nan'an City, and 3 in Dehua City. Cases, 1 case in Taiwan business district, 1 case in development zone.

  Since March 13, Quanzhou has reported a total of 265 local confirmed cases, 265 are currently hospitalized, and 164 local asymptomatic infections are still under centralized isolation and medical observation (3 of which are asymptomatic infections turned into confirmed cases) .

At present, 4,313 close contacts have been released from medical observation, and 4,955 are still under medical observation.