Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, will meet individually with the leaders of the three opposition parties, including the chairman of the Communist Party, and will make adjustments to unify the candidates in the so-called one-person district of the upper house election in the summer. It matched.

For the summer House of Councilors election, Izumi of the Constitutional Democratic Party will meet individually in the Diet on the afternoon of the 18th with ▽ Communist Party chairman Shii, ▽ Reiwa Shinsengumi representative Yamamoto, ▽ Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima. We agreed to make adjustments to unify the candidates in the one-person district.

Mr. Izumi told reporters after the meeting, "In the one-person district, the ruling party candidates are unified, but the opposition parties cannot win separately. The summer House of Councilors election protects people's lives from widening disparities. It will be a big battle for the party, so I would like to increase the number of seats in the party. "

The Constitutional Democratic Party and the Communist Party continue to have different views on the treatment of common policies during the lower house election last year, but Shii told reporters, "We are discussing to make a strict judgment on the current administration. We have agreed to start, and there are no prerequisites. We would like to cherish common policies, but if the other party wants to review it, we should do it during discussions. "

On the other hand, the Democratic Party for the People, who is proceeding with policy discussions with the ruling party, did not respond to the request for talks from the Constitutional Democratic Party. So, I think it is a target for candidate adjustment. "

Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima "The call was very good."

Fukushima, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, told reporters, "The opposition parties are fighting together in the Upper House election, and I want to work hard together to support the candidates, especially in order to overthrow the self-government in the one-person district. The call was very good. "