U.S. President Biden is making tough remarks every day towards Russian President Putin.

Yesterday (17th), after calling Putin a 'war criminal', today he criticized him by calling him a 'thug'.

President Biden is scheduled to hold a phone meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping tonight, our time, and directly warn him not to help Russia.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won of New York.


U.S. President Biden, who called Russian President Putin a 'war criminal' for the first time yesterday, continued his criticism with strong expressions today.

[Joe Biden/President of the United States: (Putin) is a murderous dictator who is waging an unethical war against the Ukrainian people and is a thug itself.

European countries, such as Ireland and England, are making great sacrifices to prevent this war.]

President Biden evaluated this war as a historical inflection point where the dictatorship and democracy collide, and the continuation of democracy will be decided. He also mentioned a phone conversation with the president.

[Joe Biden/President of the United States: President Xi Jinping has once told me that he does not believe that democracy can be sustained in the 21st century because everything changes so quickly.]

The US State Department said that President Biden had a phone call with President Xi Jinping .

He said he would send a warning message directly at the meeting.

[Tony Blincoln/Secretary of State: President Biden and President Xi Jinping are scheduled to hold a phone meeting tomorrow (18th).

The United States will make it clear that China will bear a great responsibility if it helps Russia invade, and that the United States will not hesitate to let China pay the price.]

The UN Security Council today held a meeting on human rights in Ukraine He called for Putin's withdrawal.

[Linda Thomas-Greenfield/US Ambassador to the United Nations: President Putin, stop killing.

Remove all Russian troops from Ukraine forever.]

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that would remove Russia's most-favored-nation status.