China News Service, March 15th. According to the Ministry of Education's website on the 15th, recently, in response to the situation that the epidemic occurred in many places in my country, the Ministry of Education quickly deployed all localities to give full play to the role of the national smart education platform for primary and secondary schools, and make overall use of the national platform and Local platform resources to guide students to scientifically and rationally arrange home study.

Immediate actions were taken in many places across the country, requiring schools to strengthen the resource application of the national smart education platform for primary and secondary schools, effectively serve "stop learning" and share high-quality educational resources.

  In order to further implement the national education digitization strategy, vigorously promote the high-quality development of basic education, and effectively support the "double reduction" and "suspend classes without stopping" during the epidemic, the Ministry of Education revised and upgraded the "National Primary and Secondary School Network Cloud Platform" based on the original "National Primary and Secondary School Network Cloud Platform". The National Smart Education Platform for Primary and Secondary Schools” was officially launched on March 1 for trial operation.

  At present, the national smart education platform for primary and secondary schools has 6 sections, including special education, course teaching, after-school service, teacher training, family education, and practical experience in teaching reform. The number of resources has doubled compared to the original. Teachers provide support for online teaching and serving parents to carry out family education.

Among them, the special education section provides life safety education and mental health education resources, and provides scientific guidance for primary and secondary school students to adjust their mentality and actively fight against the epidemic during home study; there are 19 versions of curriculum teaching resources and 450 volumes of textbooks. A total of 17,492 curriculum teaching resources Articles, as well as 1991 electronic textbooks from 67 publishing units, can be used by teachers and students independently; after-school services include popular science education, physical exercise, culture and art, classic reading, research practice, film and television education, etc., to enrich primary and secondary school students Provide high-quality resources for after-school life during home study; the family education section includes three types of resources, including family education concepts, family education methods, and family education guidance, which can effectively serve parents to improve family education capabilities and improve the quality of home learning for primary and secondary school students.

  According to statistics, from March 1st to 14th, the average number of daily views of the national primary and secondary school smart education platform reached 16.87 million, and the quality of resources was widely recognized by the society.

Especially in the relevant areas that implemented "suspending classes without stopping school" after the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of visitors to the platform has surged at a high level.