Malin Unger has for a long time wanted to see the northern lights.

So when she heard that it would be the northern lights over Gothenburg the night between Sunday and Monday, she did not hesitate to go out with the camera in full view.

- I follow several Northern Lights groups on Facebook, and it was written there that this Northern Lights would be something in the way of horses, she says.

That's right, after an hour of waiting at the quay in the port of Gothenburg, a majestic aurora borealis opens up the sky.

- It was a real activity.

I have never seen the northern lights before, so it was a really fun experience, says Malin Unger.

More northern lights in the future

SVT's meteorologist Deana Bajic.

Deana Bajic is a meteorologist on SVT, and she is not surprised by the night's observations.

- It has been clear weather, it's that simple, she says.

Many people get the feeling that the northern lights are becoming more common in the southern parts of the country, and it is actually true that we will be able to see more northern lights all over the country in the future.

- The solar winds will be more intense towards the year 2023. It is a phenomenon that recurs every eleven years.

Therefore, we will be able to see more northern lights in the future, says Deana Bajic.