Sweden adopts a plan to fight against rising fuel prices

In Sweden, the price of diesel is the highest in the world (illustration image).


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Sweden, the country in the world where diesel is the most expensive, has joined the list of countries that want to fight against rising fuel prices.

The government has just presented a plan of 1.3 billion euros which provides in particular for a reduction in taxes.

Problem: it won't start until June. 


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With our correspondent in Stockholm,

Frédéric Faux

There were no massive demonstrations in Sweden against rising fuel prices.

But in this country where gasoline and especially diesel prices are breaking world records, 

the cup was full


The government therefore announced on Monday March 14 a package of measures amounting to 1.3 billion euros.

Of this total, 400 million will be spent on reducing taxes and paying a bonus of 100 to 150 euros for car owners, depending on their region of residence.  

Another four hundred million will be dedicated to financing additional bonuses for the purchase of an electric car. 

The objective is also to improve purchasing power in other areas.

Housing allowances will be increased, and electricity taxes will be lowered in the center and south of the country, where the price per kilowatt hour is highest.

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For a government that is not used to straining its budget, the effort is substantial, but it risks being a little late: this plan will not come into force until June.

Finance Minister Mickael Damberg has already warned the Swedes: this aid will not be sufficient to offset all the increases, but they will at least help to mitigate their effects.


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