In the spotlight: the results of the legislative and primaries in Colombia

Senator Gustavo Petro, on March 13, 2022 in Bogota, won the nomination of the left camp, the Historic Pact, with an overwhelming score, strengthening his position as the favorite in the ballot.


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It is the left-wing opponent Gustavo Petro who emerged as the big winner in this Sunday's legislative elections against the ruling right: his coalition of the Historic Pact won 17 seats in the Senate, 25 in the Lower House.

On the same day, he triumphantly won his camp's presidential nomination. 

El Heraldo

 talks about "



of Gustavo Petro, with nearly four and a half million votes won in his camp’s presidential primary.

Analysis of

El Espectador

 : “ 

Of all the candidates who will run for president, Gustavo Petro is the one that ordinary people recognize as their leader.

He comes from below, and defended the causes of the poor


And the newspaper adds: " 

what also favors it is that people are fed up with the way the country is traditionally run, an era that is closing in on the frivolous and peace-destroying regime of Ivan Duque


El Espectador

 takes up the words of Gustavo Petro: " 

Colombia does not want a Duque 2 to appear, but change, transformation


Gustavo Petro is therefore the man of the day.


El Heraldo

notes the excellent score of Francia Marquez during this same primary on the left, a "

 significant success not only because she is a woman of African descent, but also an activist for climate issues and human rights. the woman 


El Espectador

 drives the point home: “

 it is also a clear message sent to his fellow coalition members who attacked him publicly a lot


The Federico Gutierrez case  

Gustavo Petro won his party's presidential nomination with the most votes.

But for 


, it is the right-wing candidate Federico Gutierrez who won the best victory of the three primaries organized this Sunday (left, right and center-right).

Explanation of the newspaper: " 

Fico (the nickname of Federico Gutierrez) and his coalition Team for Colombia are recent players 

" in Colombian political life, " 

while Petro was a presidential candidate twelve years ago, without forgetting that he was mayor of Bogotá


And the newspaper believes that the candidate " 

could recover a lot of support from conservative sectors for the first and second rounds.

 of the presidential election.

This is also one of the titles of

El Tiempo

 : “ 

Petro, Gutierrez and Fajardo on the hunt for support for the first round


Sergio Fajardo, who won yesterday's center-right coalition primary, said 


was  the big loser on Sunday's election day, with a much lower turnout than expected. 


So the campaign starts now

 ,” headlines 

El Heraldo


The big question, the newspaper


, is what the two coalitions of the right and the centre-right will do: " 

To arrive in the presidential seat, they could choose to fight each other - with two difficult objectives: to eliminate the other so that one of the two arrives in the second round, and at the same time attack Petro;

with the risk that, by concentrating on the first task, they leave the field open to Petro 



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In Haiti, "total emergency" at the State University of Haiti 


 examines the state of the hospital of the State University of Haiti, on strike since February 21, 2022. Today " 

there is no one left in the emergency room

 ", explains the newspaper, " 

for the doctors have discharged the sick who were there.

But for other patients, getting around is impossible.

They remain in the premises of the hospital, without assistance, except that of a few Christian missionaries who sometimes pass by to take care of them 


So why this strike?

Staff salary demands, but above all protest against the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis, with a hospital “ 

lacking everything


The picture painted by Aybopost is frightening: “ 

dirt, nauseating odours, non-existent equipment, lack of electricity



However, since 2010

 ”, recalls the newspaper, “ 

a new building is being built to house the hospital.

Twelve years later, hospital patients are still not being treated with dignity


Note that Thursday the Nouvelliste indicated that the Haitian Medical Association invited all doctors in the country to go on strike from this Monday to protest against insecurity. 

The consequences of the investigation into the death of Jovenel Moïse


 also echoes a letter sent to the Haitian authorities by Judge Merlan Belabre, the new investigating judge in charge of investigating the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

In a letter dated this Saturday, he “ 

finds that the executive power, the superior council of the judicial power delivered him with his family to the assassins and kidnappers


The magistrate, joined by the newspaper, explains that the file was entrusted to him but that no provision was made to ensure his safety and that of his family.

Judge Merlan Belabre believes that " 

the Haitian state is responsible for what may well happen to him, his family or his collaborators



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In the United States, death of actor William Hurt 

William Hurt was 71 years old.

He was the first role in some of the most popular films of the 80s 

" in the United States, recalls the 

New York Times

, such as 

The Big Chill


Friends first

 in French) and 

Broadcast News, 

and he had won the Oscar for best actor in 1985 for his role in the American-Brazilian film 

The Kiss of the Spider Woman

, adapted from the book by Argentinian Manuel Puig.

William Hurt's career “ 

spans five decades with more than a hundred roles

 ,” writes the 

Washington Post

, ranging from “ 

erotic thrillers to comedy to Marvel superhero movies.


However, recalls the

New York Times

, it was the theater that interested him the most, " 

a language that I speak better than English

 ", he said in an interview with

The Time

in 1990: " 

it 's

is an art as fascinating to study as any science… 



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