Experiences > Unusual - 18 euros

LockedUp is the 1st escape game in 77 and 91. Its priority: a warm welcome, and to make you have a great time!Ideally located in Carré Sénart, LockedUp allows you to extend the moment in one of the restaurants or bars nearby.

With family, friends or colleagues, you will be welcomed in 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 28 players.

MAFIA, PRISON, BLACK MAGIC & ALIEN, all you have to do is choose your theme.A special event?

Bachelor parties, birthdays, seminars, team building… do not hesitate to contact them to personalize your event!

Caterer, cocktail workshop, meeting room… they have the solutions.

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Food > Italian - 15 euros

We wondered why such a craze around Oxymore and then we understood by testing: these pizzas made from good French products are simply excellent. door of Oxymore which made us want to cross the latter in order to discover what is hidden behind this beautiful facade of rue Saint-Maur, with its large glass alcove and its small heated terrace during the winter and bathed in sunshine on fine days.

No wonder people rush there, the starting point of this pizzeria is original and resonates with us: to offer pizzas made from the best French ingredients, whether cheeses, beautiful sliced ​​charcuterie

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Hassan Khan

Culture > Exhibition - Free

To observe the tensions, energies and power relations that defined the atmosphere of the time, Hassan Khan uses all the devices: video, sculpture, photography, in-situ intervention, music, fictional literature, graphics ...The “Blind Ambition” exhibition brings together for the first time at the Center Pompidou in Paris an important collection of old and recent works, as well as new productions by Hassan Khan, organized in new constellations and remixes.

Hassan Khan has been developing a conceptual practice since the 1990s through a wide variety of media: sculpture, photography, video, sound, text and site-specific installation.

Continually adopting new forms,

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Starving Club

Food > Street Food - 3-13.50 euros

While he is currently a candidate for the 13th season of Top Chef in Hélène Darroze's brigade (the show was recorded a few weeks ago), chef Thibaut Spiwack has just opened a new restaurant.

With Starving Club, located on boulevard Pasteur in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Thibaut Spiwack offers a chef's and eco-responsible street-food. Eco-responsible cuisine is the credo of the chef, who already owns the restaurant Anona, in the 17th arrondissement.

An establishment for which Thibaut Spiwack received the green star from the Michelin guide, which rewards the sustainability of a menu. street food recipes from around the world.

A quality street-food based on well-sourced products.

Fruits, vegetables, and even some spices, come from Ile-de-France.

As for the meat, it comes from farms that respect the animal and the environment.

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Experiences > Unusual - 14-84 euros

BL!NDT?ST, a brand new player in gaming, is opening its first rooms in Paris.

Here, we obviously play the blind test.

It's the app that says if you won or lost.

Impossible to cheat or be in bad faith!

And it is in the west of Paris, at Trinquet Village, that Blindtest has taken up residence.

You liked the individual karaoke rooms of BAM, but in the end, rather than singing, you prefer to do a blind test with your friends?

Well that's pretty good, since a brand new place, entirely dedicated to blind testing, is opening its doors in Paris very soon.

Blindtest (BL!NDT?ST for its original form), the first digital place 100% dedicated to blind tests, is settling in Trinquet Village, the gourmet and festive spot in the west of Paris.

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Jakarta Bali

Food > Southeast Asia - 6.50-18.50 euros

Jakarta Bali is the essential address for a trip to Indonesia with its delicious dishes, cooked in the tradition.

For a complete immersion, on Friday evenings, a dancer in traditional dress immerses you in the atmosphere of Bali with her royal and warlike dances, then on the Island of Java, with more noble and slower dances.

And if you want to stay warm, the Djakarta Bali menu is also on delivery throughout Paris! Djakarta Bali invites you to an exotic escape.

In the heart of Paris, Jakarta Bali is the haunt of Parisians who want to try or rediscover authentic Indonesian and Balinese cuisine. If the meal is already exotic in itself, a Balinese dance show awaits you every Friday from 9:00 p.m.


bewitching flower women perform Indonesian dances in front of you, transporting you to the other side of the world, for an evening.

These evenings are ideal for a romantic getaway, so let yourself be carried away by the charms of Balinese exoticism.

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Culture > Museum - 5-7 euros

They have covered 75 years of international conflicts: eight photographers are honored at the Liberation Museum, from March 8 to December 31, 2022, through the Women Photographers of War exhibition. Iraq, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Nicaragua , Nazi Germany, Spain, Afghanistan... They were present on all fronts, in all the major conflicts from 1936 to 2011: the Liberation Museum highlights eight women war photographers, in a large and striking exhibition to see from March 8 to December 31, 2022. Through a hundred documents, more than 80 photographs, as well as a dozen original newspapers and magazines, we discover the exceptional work of Lee Miller (1907-1977), Gerda Taro (1910- 1937), Catherine Leroy (1944-2006), Christine Spengler (born in 1945), Françoise Demulder (1947-2008),Susan Meiselas (born in 1948), Carolyn Cole (born in 1961) and Anja Niedringhaus (1965-2014).

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Culture > Exhibition - 9-12 euros

Discover the small world of Windy the balloon, Iggy the egg, Folia the sheet of paper, Glitch the soap, and Plote the ball of yarn.

Naughty and naive, they are brought back to reality by the arrival of Roky le pebble, who warns them: “Be careful, you are fragile, you risk hurting yourself!


Fragile? And yes, one can tear, one burst, the other slip or even break... But badaboum, ironically, it's Roky who falls and breaks!

This is the beginning of "the Great Adventure" where the children, accompanied by these little companions, will experience "frailty" in an attempt to tame it and reach the goal of their quest: to repair Roky the pebble!

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