Visitors: We learned a lot from our trip to the beautiful exhibition

Return bags from "Expo Dubai" .. loaded with optimism

  • Visitors praised the unique harmony in the exhibition, which brings together 192 countries.

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  • Kushner Roxalana: "Traveling between the fair has fulfilled part of my dreams, and enabled me to update the list of my future tourist destinations."

  • Sina Obombarambel: "I learned from (Expo Dubai) an exceptional lesson, which is that there is no place for the impossible, and that age is just a number."

  • Dennis Groska: “An amazing exhibition, with all its discoveries and innovations, that you may only have the opportunity to discover at this event.”

  • The Reda family: "The event is an important experience in which people open up to each other, to exchange discoveries, language, habits, and even experiences of shared food."


With valuable human lessons and positive outlooks on life and its future, visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai" return to their countries, carrying in their bags beautiful memories of the "utopia", which includes in a unique human harmony 192 countries on this small area of ​​land.

Visitors confirmed to "Emirates Today" that their trip to the exhibition enriched their experience with much optimism about the bright future, in addition to wholesale details worthy of being told to family and friends, noting that the global event expanded their knowledge, and made them open to future experiences made possible by the exhibition's discoveries and lofty messages. , Perhaps the most prominent model of coexistence among all.


German tourist Dennis Groska, who traveled from Berlin to Dubai specifically to visit "Expo 2020", said: "I am very happy with this trip, which I have planned since 2020, but was postponed due to the conditions of the pandemic," adding: "This is not the first time I have visited Dubai." , as I have come to her many times before to spend the holiday, but this visit is entirely dedicated to the (Expo), because I consider it an exceptional occasion that can only be discovered once in a lifetime. UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and many others.”

On what she will carry in her travel bag from the memories of this exceptional experience, Denise explained: “Expo 2020 Dubai amazed me with all its historical and civilizational discoveries, and unique human solutions and innovations, which the opportunity to discover may only be available within the framework of this event, and the most important experiences that I will remain engraved in my memory is diversity based on great humanitarian principles, including tolerance, peaceful coexistence and mutual respect for the various nationalities that the UAE is and still is dedicated, and is more clearly devoted to the experience of hosting (Expo) for 192 countries around the world.

There is no place for the impossible

For her part, the Indian tourist Sina Obombarambil, who came from the coast of Malabar, confirmed: “I came to Dubai on my own to enjoy my vacation, in the new adventure of travel and discovery that I have always loved since my childhood, and recently abandoned it to take care of my family and my children.

So I decided to take a short break from the responsibilities and realize this old dream, by coming to Dubai and visiting the largest international gathering, which is (Expo 2020 Dubai).”

She added, "To date, I visited more than 100 pavilions, and enjoyed attending more than 25 entertainment events in several places of the International Exhibition, which varied between musical, theatrical and dance performances, and I enjoyed seeing the world around me and (I forgot everyone) here at (Expo 2020)."

On what she learned from the experience of her discoveries, Sina said: “I am very happy with this wonderful trip, which changed my vision of life and some of my attitudes towards a number of global challenges, such as the issue of waste of natural resources, pollution, and ways to preserve human life on planet Earth, which the exhibition highlights humanitarian efforts. Aljada dedicated to sustainability, through personal and official initiatives adopted by countries around the world, and this is wonderful.”

Sina also learned from the experience of the "Expo Dubai", an exceptional lesson, which is that "there is no place for the impossible, and that age is just a number, and the realization of dreams does not stop at a certain stage, as she attended the performances of musicians, artists and creators in the sixth and seventh decades of life at (Expo Dubai). In the biggest evidence that time is always available for achievement, which prompted me to restore my old hobby of photography, which I began to revive since I came to the exhibition, by sharing my most beautiful works, which I left to this day in my own archive, on my pages on social networking sites.

Travel without tickets

For her part, the Ukrainian student Kushner Roksalana, who is visiting Dubai for a month, did not hide her enthusiasm for the experience of the exhibition, which she considered an unprecedented opportunity to discover the world around her.

She said: "After the volunteering experience in the Serbia pavilion, for nearly a month, I have been enjoying a unique tourist adventure inside the exhibition, which I toured among the pavilions of its various countries, and discovered a number of the cultures of its diverse peoples and most importantly, and many new destinations unknown to me today."

She added: "My great interest in travel, it seems that I started it successfully at (Expo Dubai), by moving between 192 countries without travel tickets, hotel reservations, or even costs, especially since I am a student, and I have no ability to pay the cost of permanent travel between different places."

Roxalana continued: "Traveling between the fair is very wonderful, because it fulfilled some of my dreams, and enabled me to update my list of future tourist destinations, and reorganize my future options, based on what I discovered of information about countries whose pavilions were miniature models of them and the magic of their nature."

Cultural exchange

As for the family of the Iranian tourist, Mohammad Reza, who decided to invest the remaining time from “Expo 2020” to visit the event during their short vacation in Dubai, she said: “In addition to the fun and interesting atmosphere that it offers to its visitors, the exhibition is dedicated, whether by hosting the largest global gathering, or experiences Tourists coming from all over the world, an important cultural experience in which people open up to each other, to exchange experiences of pleasure, discoveries, language, customs and even experiences of common food, which can unite them to love one meal that they discover in one of the restaurants scattered here and there.

The Iranian family considered that this is "the supreme message devoted by (Expo Dubai), which at the same time triumphs over unique innovations, and bets on the slogan of connecting minds and exchanging human experiences to create a better future for all."

Emirati lesson for everyone

German tourist Dennis Groska confirmed her fascination with what she saw in “Expo 2020 Dubai” of a unique human gathering, describing it as “a beautiful harmony that calls for optimism, especially in light of the growing crises and their spread in several regions around the world, as the UAE progresses through (Expo Dubai). ) A valuable lesson today for all, as it is a model for coexistence between human beings, regardless of their colours.