Dozens of radicals

have gathered at the

municipal fronton of Berango

(Vizcaya) to

pay homage to ETA member Ibai Aginaga

who left Basauri prison this morning.

Aginaga has been greeted

with rockets upon his arrival

at the outdoor parking lot of the

fronton and with applause and cheers as he entered

a shielded facility by the organizers of the media, who have been prevented from entering and

threatened not to take pictures

of the ETA member.

Aginaga is part of the group of ETA prisoners that does not follow the slogans of the so-called EPPK that has former ETA members as a reference with

José Antonio López Ruiz 'Kubati'


Aginaga was arrested in Pamplona in 2003,

sentenced to 21 years in prison

and today he has left the Basauri prison to participate in an 'ongi etorri' organized by a sector of the Abertzale Left.

The ETA member has arrived in his hometown after 12:30 in the morning and

twenty supporters were waiting for him outside

the municipal fronton and several dozen inside.

After getting out of his vehicle accompanied by a woman, rockets have been launched and he has accessed the interior of a public premises of this Biscayan city council governed by the PNV.

Several Aginaga supporters have addressed the photojournalists with the threat that they not take pictures while the professionals were recorded by one of the individuals participating in the act in favor of ETA.

Access to the interior of a public facility has also been prevented for the media while the

applause and shouts began in Basque demanding the release of the ETA members


The tribute to Aginaga takes place five months after the group of prisoners close to Sortu expressly renounced

being received in public tributes

when they leave prison.

A decision that in the statement issued by the EPPK they linked to the pain caused to the victims of terrorism but that

facilitates the ETA members' requests for a change of grade

to speed up their release while they are serving long sentences for murders.

Aginaga's tribute is the second made by groups critical of Sortu's political management and the leadership exercised by

Arnaldo Otegi


The independence party has distanced itself from this act although there has been no public statement by its leaders.

ETA member

Iñaki Etxeberria 'Mortadelo'

was also honored in Pamplona on December 24, 2021 by relatives and followers.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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