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In 2009, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, starred in his own documentary.

In it, the personal and professional life of the 44th president was portrayed in his highest hours.

Path to change

, this tape was baptized in which its directors were following, from the campaign events to the oval office, the footsteps of the Democrat who in 2005 had moved to the White House with his family.

It was a still green Obama, pending an agenda to fill.

Just a few days ago, the Spanish production companies



The Pool

announced the development of a film similar to that of the former US president.

Yes, Spanish style.

And with Pedro Sánchez as the protagonist.



in the mature stage of his presidency, who opens the doors of

La Moncloa

to a whole team that will follow his daily path for a year.

"The project was presented to the Moncloa team

and they gave us the go-ahead," reveal those responsible for the series, denying that the project was a presidential commission or that it has political significance.

Pedro Sánchez walking around La Moncloa with Quim Torra

As reported to


, the production companies saw

"a business opportunity"

thanks to a format that had not yet been explored in



With pre-production work that has been going on for months, at this time only 10 days of recording have been made.

Although the documentary is scheduled to be broadcast in 2023, right now it is unknown if its viewing will be destined for television or another format.

"It's still too early to talk about specific chains or platforms

," ​​they say.

As for the costs of the project,



The Pool

assure that they have been the ones who have borne them during the pre-production phase.

The film is directed by the filmmaker Curro Sánchez Varela, son of Paco de Lucía and cousin of the singer Malú, winner of a Goya in 2015 for best documentary film for

Paco de Lucía: The Search,

who also already has experience working with both producers.

Begoña without the girls

The documentary will be structured in four parts and as reported, "La Moncloa will be one more character" and a major role will be given "to workers who have been

working for different governments for more than 40 years."

However, Sánchez will be the axis of the movement at all times.



will not be a cine-eye that captures images without preparation, but

the story has had prior planning with a script

, "although in such a long observational follow-up there is room for unpredictable moments."

In addition to

Pedro Sánchez

, it has been revealed that relatives, friends and political colleagues of the current president will appear before the cameras.

Whether giving statements or going about your daily routine.

However, the president's private life will have a limitation: that of his daughters,




, both minors.

The film director, Curro Sánchez Varela, in charge of the docuseries

In this sense, we can see Begoña,

Pedro Sánchez

's wife , but not the girls of the marriage.

"Your privacy will be preserved,"

they communicate from



The Pool

when asked about the 15 and 17-year-old girls.

"It will be a portrait of the

most personal and human dimension of La Moncloa

, including President Pedro Sánchez," they say.

"The actual activity of the chief executive, his teams, collaborators, advisors, employees and family members will be recorded," they communicate.

However, they still do not give details about

the participants for this trailer on paper.

From the beginning,



The Pool

have ensured that it is not a political


, but a human one.

"La Moncloa is an institutional and symbolic building, where hundreds of men and women meet daily, some of them at the

service of successive presidents of democracy,"

they highlight.

As for whether there will be meetings with businessmen, the opposition, the coalition government, presidents of other countries or with

King Felipe VI

, they comment that it is still unknown.

Well, they follow an agenda that goes to the day.


We are in a very early phase of the shooting phase

, but we want to show unknown aspects of Moncloa that will surely attract the audience in a special way".

Pedro Sanchez in La Moncloa

the producers

Secuoya Studios

is a Spanish production company currently heavily focused on creating content for





With movies like Dad or Mom or series like Supernormal, from Movistar Plus.

Presided over by the former United States ambassador,

James Costos

, it has

José Manuel González Pacheco

as director, who left the direction of

Atresmedia Digital


For his part, the person in charge of its international section is

José María González-Sinde

, a filmmaker brother of the former Socialist Minister of Culture and also a screenwriter, Ángeles González-Sinde.

For its part,

The Pool

is also a powerful producer.

Created in 2016 by

Andrés Varela


Alfonso Mardones

, its initial objective was to advise artists and deal with image rights issues.

Wifi Leaks

, with Patricia Conde and Ángel Martín for Movistar + or a

documentary about the

Vicente Calderón

are some of his most successful productions.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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