(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Emergency Response to Local Epidemic in Zhangzhou, Xiamen

  China News Service, Fuzhou, March 12 (Reporter Long Min Zhang Jinchuan) Fujian Provincial Health and Health Commission reported on the 12th that from 0-24 on March 11, Fujian Province reported 1 new local confirmed case (Xiamen City report), 1 new case of local asymptomatic infection was reported (reported by Zhangzhou City).

  Since March 11, Fujian Province has reported a total of 1 local confirmed case, 1 case is currently hospitalized, and there is no death case; there is 1 case of local asymptomatic infection still under centralized isolation and medical observation.

  In terms of overseas epidemics, from 0 to 24:00 on March 11, Fujian Province reported 0 newly imported confirmed cases; 1 newly imported asymptomatic infection (reported by Fuzhou City), and 5 cases were released from quarantine.

As of 24:00 on March 11, Fujian Province has reported a total of 821 confirmed cases imported from abroad, of which 81 are currently hospitalized, and there are no deaths; 0 suspected cases imported from abroad are currently reported; asymptomatic infections imported from abroad are currently being reported. 21 cases were under centralized isolation and medical observation.

  The Xiamen Municipal Health Commission notified on the morning of the 12th that the local confirmed cases were close contacts of confirmed cases in other provinces recently.

On March 11, it received a notification from other provinces for investigation, that is, it implemented control and collected nucleic acid, and the test result was positive. Combined with epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, imaging manifestations and laboratory test results, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia. Isolated diagnosis and treatment in designated hospitals.

  On the afternoon of March 11, the Zhangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission informed that a case of asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia was found in the Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone during a routine screening of a middle school.

  In response to the local outbreak in Zhangzhou, Xiamen, emergency deployments were deployed across Fujian to respond.

The Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone responded to the requirements of the new crown pneumonia epidemic work headquarters. From March 11th, the Jiaomei Middle School and Cangban Farm were designated as closed and controlled areas, and the closure and control measures of "regional closure, staying at home, and door-to-door services" were implemented. ; The first round of nucleic acid testing for the new coronavirus was carried out within the Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone.

  Xiamen City also disclosed that the city's epidemic response work headquarters has immediately organized emergency response work such as flow investigation, isolation control, nucleic acid testing, and community prevention and control.

  Campus epidemic prevention and control is still the focus of this local epidemic prevention and control.

In particular, recently, local epidemics across the country have been characterized by multiple, widespread and frequent occurrences, and clustered outbreaks have occurred on campuses in some places.

Fuzhou University requested today to strengthen campus management and control. No unrelated personnel will be allowed to enter the school. When entering the school, teachers and students must strictly check the code and temperature before entering the school. Strengthen the inspection, registration and management of food delivery and courier personnel. Strengthen the outing of teachers and students. Approval system, strictly implement the faculty and staff (including third-party personnel) not to leave the district and city where the campus is located unless necessary; strengthen information investigation and promote vaccination.

  At present, the epidemic situation in Hong Kong and neighboring cities in Fujian is severe, and the risk of epidemic importation continues to increase.

Many places in Fujian have required that the elderly over 60 years old, as a high-risk group of new crown virus infection, be vaccinated against the new crown virus in accordance with the principle of receiving as soon as possible and as soon as possible.

According to the Fuzhou Municipal Health Commission, as of March 9, a total of 17.42 million doses of the new crown vaccine in Fuzhou have been vaccinated, of which the first dose of the elderly over 60 years old has been vaccinated 999,200 doses, and the vaccination rate is 75.4%. The elderly should bring their ID cards as soon as possible, go to the nearest vaccination point to be vaccinated against the new crown, and jointly build an epidemic prevention embankment.