• The capsule hotel is a concept straight out of Japan.

    It consists in optimizing the space and limiting the rooms to cabin beds.

  • Hosho consists of 236 capsule beds called "Dream Station" and offers the option of privatizing a room or accessing a balcony.

    A co-working space, a launderette or a roof-top are also present in the establishment. 

  • The client is autonomous in the hotel.

    He books his stay online or at a terminal upon arrival and opens his locker door with a connected card.

Are you ready to sleep in a cabin bed?

It is on this concept that Hosho tries to attract customers in his hotel rue Pierre-Brossolette, in Kremlin-Bicêtre (Val-de-Marne).

The dormitories are organized like cabin beds, a Japanese concept that maximizes space.

The beds seem to fit in stacked wooden boxes in which we find the bedding, a mirror, two lamps, connections.

A storage pocket is at the foot of the mattress, as is a locker to secure your belongings.

The design of the capsules is not left to chance as some dorms can accommodate up to eight people.

The turquoise ladders that allow access to the high beds have therefore been made so as not to move and make no noise.

"My room in my bed" proudly says Kais Bayar, Hosho's manager, when discussing the design of the cabins and the feeling of intimacy obtained with the installation of a curtain closing the bed.

Everything is shared in this establishment: toilets and showers are integrated into the rooms, a coworking space is available on the ground floor and a relaxation area on the roof-top will open next June.

A connected hotel

“Our concept is a 2.0 hotel,” emphasizes Kais Bayar.

The reservation at Hosho is made online or on a terminal upon arrival.

After an eight-minute walk between the Porte d'Italie station (line 7) and the hotel, "the customer must retrieve his connected card to enter the building", explains Kais Bayar, adding "here the customer is autonomous".

This card also allows access to the floors, to his room and to his locker to store his belongings, the building is completely secure.

An employee is still present if ever the customer needs assistance.

Use social media to attract customers

The Hosho hotel is a sleek building that would go unnoticed in this rue du Kremlin-Bicêtre without its large multicolored banner hung on its facade.

The decor of the establishment is surprising, it mixes colors, bright displays, illustrations on the walls and an industrial style perfect for an Instagram photo.

Using social networks to attract customers to this hotel was the bias at the launch of the project in February 2021. "We invited Tiktokeurs to sleep and test our concept during an event, they loved it", recalls the manager.

The audiences targeted by this establishment are groups of professionals, friends and families.

The latter have the possibility of privatizing rooms.

"Women can also book a single-sex dormitory in order to feel completely safe,"

praises the manager who relies on three principles within his hotel: safety, cleanliness and calm.

The advantage of this establishment is its attractive price, for 20 euros the customer can sleep one night a stone's throw from Paris.

The spirit of the concept of Hosho is to mix between the hostel and the hotel.

“The hostel is noisy, says the manager, here we try to have the spirit but by adding calm.

For the past year, the clientele has been largely students or visitors visiting Paris.

"They therefore need calm to work or recharge their batteries," continues Kais Bayar.

Currently the Hosho hotel has an occupancy rate between 40 and 70% and hopes that after the health crisis and the lifting of the vaccination pass, this Monday, a new professional clientele will come.


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